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IT - CxO
4 Tips For Getting The Business To Stop Hating IT
CIO, May 26th 2020
Long seen as back-office problem solvers and the department of 'no,' IT still has an image problem with business executives and users alike. Here's how to fix it.
Top 2020 IT Priorities Hold Fast Amid COVID-19; Spending Takes Hit
SearchCIO, May 26th 2020
The biggest IT spending drivers from TechTarget's 2020 IT Priorities Survey remain relevant amid the COVID-19 pandemic, although cuts in planned spending are likely
11 Ways To Cut Hidden Fat From Your IT Budget
CIO, May 27th 2020
As the economy takes a turn and IT budget forecasts slip downward, it's time to tighten up your technical stack - before the CFO comes calling
CIO Profile: T-Mobile's Cody Sanford
InformationWeek, May 27th 2020
T-Mobile's CIO and CPO Cody Sanford's biggest recent accomplishment was working on the company's merger with Sprint. Here's more about this tech executive in his own words
CIOs Offer Strategies For Engaging An Entirely Mobile Workforce
InsiderPro, May 26th 2020
Working from home has been a success operationally, but it has strained people, processes and technology. CIOs discuss the opportunity to make each better in the days to come
Coronavirus: CIOs Should Consider A New Desktop It Strategy
ComputerWeekly, May 27th 2020
Although the Covid-19 lockdown is easing, office life will not return to normal any time soon, and few will be buying new PCs
COVID-19 Struck My First Week As CIO: 5 Lessons Learned
The Enterprisers Project, May 27th 2020
Rick Huff started as CIO at Paycor on March 9, 2020 - just in time to get a front row seat to a pandemic. Here's what he learned about handling a crisis in real time
14 Tips For CIOs Managing Shadow It Activities
SearchCIO, May 28th 2020
As the advent of cloud technology has made it easier to launch shadow IT, CIOs must be increasingly diligent to identify and manage these activities. Here are 14 tips to do just that
IT - Storage
How 6 New Midrange Storage Arrays From Top Vendors Stack Up
SearchStorage, May 26th 2020
Leading storage vendors have recently released midrange all-flash arrays that provide the scalability, high performance and high reliability of enterprise-class offerings
81% Of Users With More Than One Storage Vendor
StorageNewsletter, May 26th 2020
DataCore 8th consecutive storage market survey
HCI vs. SAN: How To Choose Between Them
SearchStorage, May 27th 2020
There are many factors to consider when deciding between a SAN and hyper-converged system
NVMe-oF Storage Technology And Terms Explained
SearchStorage, May 28th 2020
Get to know how NVMe-oF optimizes storage network performance and lowers latency with this roundup of terminology associated with the emerging technology
The Future Of Storage Administration: 4 Key Questions Answered
SearchStorage, May 28th 2020
What are the best career moves a storage professional can make? Learn about the skills, technologies and strategies to focus on now for the most payback in the future
IT - Security
5 Ways To Improve Your Cybersecurity
Business 2 Community, May 27th 2020
We are in a computerized world, and that comes with all kinds of pros and cons
6 Hard Truths Security Pros Must Learn To Live With
CSO Online, May 25th, 2020
Crafty hackers, unwitting users, a relentless workload - working in IT security is all about accepting this as business as usual and pushing forward anyway
What Hinders Successful Threat Hunting?
HelpNet Security, May 26th 2020
As more organizations implement successful threat hunting operations, a SANS Institute survey finds that they are facing common challenges with employing skilled staff and collecting quality threat intelligence
HR's Pandemic Role Is Big - But It's Overshadowed By Its Place Leading The Reskilling Revolution
HRDIVE, May 26th 2020
Every HR officer should look at their talent needs and become a chief reskilling officer, writes Scott Cawood, CEO of WorldatWork
7 Tips For Onboarding Remote Employees
Business 2 Community, May 25th, 2020
Remote employees are more productive and less costly, and these benefits are vital to organizations in a stressed economy
Meeting New Employee And Client Expectations After The Lockdown Lifts
AiTHORITY, May 26th 2020
While the number of shuttered storefronts and empty offices that surround us today can feel disconcerting, there's no doubt that a return to business is on the horizon
The Remote Playbook: How Managers Can Keep Burnout From Upending IT Teams
CIODIVE, May 26th 2020
Failure to spot stress could result in health risks and waning levels of productivity and quality as stressed out teams buckle under pressure
Using HR Analytics To Improve Your Quality-Of-Hire
Business 2 Community, May 26th 2020
"Technologists are grappling with the stress of keeping critical systems running and sustaining operations - as if nothing ever happened.
Remote Work May Be A Lasting Change In The Post-Pandemic World, WTW Says
HRDIVE, May 27th 2020
Full-time remote work will likely become much more pervasive after the pandemic, Willis Towers Watson (WTW) concluded based on survey results published May 21
Reality Check: The Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence
AiTHORITY, May 25th, 2020
Gartner believes Artificial Intelligence (AI) security will be a top strategic technology trend in 2020, and that enterprises must gain awareness of AI's impact on the security space
The Problem With Artificial Intelligence In Security
Dark Reading, May 26th 2020
Any notion that AI is going to solve the cyber skills crisis is very wide of the mark. Here's why
Why AI Ethics Is Even More Important Now
InformationWeek, May 28th 2020
Contract-tracing apps are fueling more AI ethics discussions, particularly around privacy. The longer term challenge is approaching AI ethics holistically
IT - Humor
Flashback Friday: Failover? Well, He Got The First Half.
Computerworld, May 28th 2020
Spectacularly, as a matter of fact
Mystery Solved
Computerworld, May 26th 2020
It's all so deterministic.
Wayback Wednesday: Of Course Not
Computerworld, May 27th 2020
But someone did.
IT - Technology
25 Technologies That Have Changed The World
CNET, May 30h 2020
For better or worse, these techs and gadgets changed our lives in the past quarter century
Looking Glass Starts Shipping Its 8K Holographic Display
TechCrunch, May 26th 2020
When Looking Glass Factory showed of its first holographic display way back in August 2018, it felt more like a proof of concept than anything - though it was immediately an impressive concept
Rethinking Collaboration: 6 Vendors Offer New Paths To Remote Work
Computerworld, May 27th 2020
With the need for efficient collaboration tools exploding in recent months, a variety of companies hope to refine how those tools work and what they can do. We look at six now pushing the envelope
You Can Now Buy The Raspberry Pi 4 With 8 GBs Of RAM
reviewgeek, May 28th 2020
The Raspberry Pi 4 is already the most powerful entry yet from the Raspberry Pi foundation
Google's Latest Experiment Encourages Social Distancing Through AR
TechCrunch, May 29th 2020
Several months into this pandemic, you can no doubt already eyeball six feet/two meters with the best of them
Why We Should Be Excited For Apple Glasses And AR Headset
TechZone360, May 28th 2020
It's almost 20 years since Apple released the first-generation iPod, 12 since the iPhone and 10 since the iPad
IT - Operations
Pick A Data Center Layout: Raised Floors vs. Overhead Cabling
SearchDataCenter, May 29th 2020
There's no definitive design when it comes to data center infrastructure. Cost, manageability and cooling effectiveness are all factors during the selection process
The 7 Best Tools For Adjusting Your Workplace To A Post COVID-19 World
Business 2 Community, May 25th, 2020
COVID-19 has caused an unprecedented shift in America's work habits, with millions of people forced to work remotely since the crisis began. But research suggests that this change may last well beyond the pandemic
IT - Server
6 Converged Infrastructure Vendors' Product Options Compared
SearchConvergedInfrastructure, May 29th 2020
Converged infrastructure systems help reduce hardware deployment risks by providing a preconfigured software stack, which greatly reduces the risk of configuration errors
Open Compute Really Is Open For Business
The Next Platform, May 26th 2020
Open source hardware is something that is intellectually satisfying as well as economically rewarding, but it is clearly not something for everyone
VxRail vs. Nutanix: HCI Heavyweights Square Off
SearchConvergedInfrastructure, May 26th 2020
Learn how leading hyper-converged infrastructure systems from Dell EMC and Nutanix stack up in this in-depth comparison
10 Open Source Cloud Security Tools To Know
SearchCloudComputing, May 28th 2020
While cloud providers offer native security tools, there also are plenty of useful open source options. Here's a sample of open source tools for cloud security
Hidden Costs Of HPC Storage Ownership
StorageNewsletter, May 27th 2020
The main selection criteria for high-performance storage for years has been performance and the initial purchase price
IT - Cloud
Step-By-Step Guide To Develop An AWS Runbook
SearchCloudComputing, May 28th 2020
Runbooks enable anyone on the team to execute a task and jump in when things go wrong. Learn how to create one to handle repetitive tasks like monitoring and incident response
Cloud Strategies Aren't Just About Digital Transformation Anymore
InformationWeek, May 26th 2020
Cloud migrations are accelerating in the wake of the pandemic. The new normal is even more virtual
5 Ways To Reduce Cloud Costs
SearchCloudComputing, May 29th 2020
Organizations need the right strategies in place to avoid cloud cost pitfalls. Stay within your budget with these cost management best practices
Confront Cloud Security Challenges With These 5 Tips
SearchCloud, May 29th 2020
Security gets complicated when the cloud overlaps with other technologies, such as AI and serverless. Review these common risks, and learn how to prevent attacks
IT - Networks
5 Principles Of The Network Change Management Process
SearchNetworking, May 26th 2020
Network change management includes five basic principles, including risk analysis and peer review. These best practices can help network teams limit failed network changes and outages
5G Is Driving The Acceleration Of Customer Expectations
datanami, May 27th 2020
Fifth-generation wireless technology, more commonly known as 5G, promises download speeds of up to 100 times faster than 4G, all with dramatically lower latency
Is VPN Split Tunneling Worth The Security Risks?
SearchSecurity, May 28th 2020
Enabling VPN split tunneling may increase speed and decrease bandwidth use and costs, but it also increases the number of security vulnerabilities faced
VDI Serves Up A Uniform Experience For Teleworkers
StateTech, May 26th 2020
Cloud-based solution allows employees and contractors alike to access tools from anywhere
IT - IoT
How IoT Is Fueling Digital Transformations
CIO, May 27th 2020
Sanmina, Michelin, and Hudl share how the internet of things has reshaped their businesses, providing real-time insights into business processes and new connected services customers can count on
How To Design IoT Infrastructure In 7 Parts
IoT Agenda, May 26th 2020
Organizations can prepare their IoT deployments for success by understanding each IoT infrastructure component and how they all work together
IoT Security: In 2020, Action Needs To Match Awareness
HelpNet Security, May 26th 2020
As the power of IoT devices increases, security has failed to follow suit. This is a direct result of the drive to the bottom for price of network enabling all devices
Top Experts And Skills Needed For IoT Success
IoT Agenda, May 28th 2020
Organizations will require many different IoT professionals and skills to start their IoT project, and it starts with understanding the many components that IoT affects
IT - Careers
IT Careers: 10 Industries With Job Openings Right Now
InformationWeek, May 27th 2020
As the pandemic continues to wreak havoc on the economy, many IT workers have experienced layoffs and unpaid furloughs. But not all the news is grim if you know where to look
IT - Compliance
GDPR At Two: How Far We'Ve Come, How Far We Still Have To Go
ComputerWeekly, May 27th 2020
Marking two years of the General Data Protection Regulation, industry voices weigh in on the state of data protection and privacy, consider what has changed, and what still needs to change
GDPR Enforcement Over The Past Two Years
HelpNet Security, May 27th 2020
Two years after the GDPR went into effect, official data show that Data Protection Authorities (DPAs), crippled by a lack of resources, tight budgets, and administrative hurdles, have not yet been able to create adequate GDPR enforcement
IT - Backup
Best Practices For Backup Audit Preparation
SearchDataBackup, May 29th 2020
What are must-have items to satisfy an audit of your backup platform? Why is auditing important? Discover how the audit process can help your organization improve.
How Do I Select A Backup Solution For My Business?
HelpNet Security, May 26th 2020
42% of companies experienced a data loss event that resulted in downtime last year
IT - Big Data
5 Ways Your Big Data Should Be Integrated In Your Organization's Structure
TechRepublic, May 25th, 2020
Make sure to check all five to ensure a smooth integration and proper use of big data
IT - Encryption
AES Encryption: A Closer Look At Advanced Encryption Standards
Business 2 Community, May 28th 2020
What if anyone could access your passwords, bank details and confidential emails?
Why Building Backdoors Into Encryption Won't Make Us Safer
HelpNet Security, May 26th 2020
For much of the last decade, technology companies have been in an uphill battle to save encryption, a battle that has seen an increasing number of skirmishes that tech companies often lose
IT - Java
To 25 Glorious Years Of Java!
Jaxenter, May 25th, 2020
Java is turning 25 years old!
IT - Developer
Distributed Software Engineering Teams Lean On Classic Tools: Collaboration And Agile
CIODIVE, May 29th 2020
Building software in quick bursts with constant communication, leaders help teams sustain pace of work
Video Highlights: Pi And The Art Of Computer Programming
insideBIGDATA, May 25th, 2020
If you program computers, especially if you're a data scientist who writes code, then you should know about Donal Knuth
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