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IT Leadership: 4 Tips On Achieving Your Goals In 2022

CIO Rhonda Vetere shares advice on how to use the lessons of the past two years to stay motivated and focused in 2022

The Boardroom Isn't Ready For The Next Solarwinds

Last year, attacks such as SolarWinds and Colonial Pipeline have served as a powerful wake-up call for enterprises

How CISOs Can Address The Challenges Of Cloud Misconfigurations

Multi-cloud strategies offer CISOs an opportunity to rethink their current approach to security, says Fortinet's Rajesh Maurya

Why Security Awareness Training Should Begin In The C-Suite

It's not just the rights and privileges that CXOs have on the network. They can also set an example of what good security hygiene looks like.

4 Ways The CIO Can Help Stem The Great Resignation

CIOs can take an active role in creating a positive environment that breeds loyalty, both within their organization and across the company

View From The CIO: Digital Transformation In The Insurance Sector Was Last Year's Problem - Three New Challenges Face Our Digital Future

Three new challenges for insurance and how to get ahead

Redefining the CISO-CIO Relationship

Most companies today recognize the importance of having a leader tasked with keeping the organization's information assets protected from data breaches, cyberattacks, and bad actors.

The Cybersecurity Measures CTOs Are Actually Implementing

Companies look to multifactor authentication and identity and access management to block attacks, but hedge their bets with disaster recovery.


SECNAP: What is a Security Assessment and Why is it Important

With cybersecurity threats on the rise, it's important to know that your information and overall infrastructure are secure.

Top Five Vulnerabilities Attackers Use Against Browsers

Web browsers are the primary target for many attackers because so much sensitive data passes through them

10 Lessons Learned From The Top Cyber Threats Of 2021

2021 was a busy year for the cyber security community. Emerging threats posed many challenges to security professionals and created many opportunities for threat actors.

Cybersecurity Alone Is Not Enough, Systems Need Cyber Resiliency

Electronics systems today need to go beyond preparedness for an attack to resiliency during and after one.

Here's Really How To Do Zero-Trust Security

It's not about buying security products! Joseph Carson, chief security scientist from ThycoticCentrify, offers practical steps to start the zero-trust journey.

5 Things To Know About Next-Generation SIEM

NG-SIEM is emerging as a cloud- and analytics-driven alternative to legacy SIEMs. Based on new research, Omdia highlights five important new insights for anyone considering a NG-SIEM purchase.

The Future Of Security Protocols For Remote Work

Cybercrime has been growing rapidly for years, and the sudden pandemic-fueled shift to work from home (WFH) only accelerated the threat, forcing businesses to start putting a real focus on establishing solid security protocols and building a strong relationship with their cybersecurity vendors.

Ransomware Detection Through Threat Hunting

Ransomware is the most destructive kind of cyber attack due to the massive financial losses it inflicts on organisations worldwide.

The 5 Stages Of A Credential Stuffing Attack

Many of us are fond of collecting things, but not everyone is excited about Collections #1-5. In 2019, these Collections, composed of ca. 932 GB of data containing billions of email addresses and their passwords, made their way around the Internet.

6 Cybersecurity Practices That Organizations Must Embrace In 2022

Organizations as well as governments are increasingly adopting and relying on digital systems to manage their day-to-day activities

Cybersecurity In 2022: Addressing Insider Threats

As companies grapple with pandemic-induced economic uncertainty, operational disruption and business transformation, cybersecurity has increasingly coalesced with these priorities.

How To Manage Security Vulnerabilities

A look at what goes into building a Vulnerability Management process and the key parameters that influence the choice of a vulnerability scanner

The Best Identity And Access Management Software Providers For 2022

Solutions Review's listing of the best Identity and Access Management software providers is an annual look into the solution providers included in our Buyer's Guide and Solutions Directory.

2022 Cyber Predictions: Preparing For Future Security Challenges

The pandemic and subsequent economic shocks have spawned innovations in technology, including large steps forward in the cloud and edge deployments.


IT Careers: 5 Flourishing And 4 Fading IT Skills For 2022

As if chief information security officers (CISOs) did not have enough to deal with, add one more issue to their plates: information warfare.

IT Talent: 3 Hot IT Roles In 2022 And Beyond

Hiring top IT talent is more essential - and more challenging - than ever. Consider these key high-demand roles and how to attract the right candidates

Information Age's Guide To Tech Leadership Roles

Our guide to tech leadership roles will explore four of the most prominent positions: the chief technology officer (CTO), chief information officer (CIO), chief data officer (CDO), and chief product officer (CPO)

The Future Of Work Is Here

The COVID-19 pandemic washed away the old ways of working in a deluge of change. As the waters recede, professionals find themselves questioning everything about where we go from here.

Information Security Analyst Tops List Of 2022 Top Jobs

Three technology jobs rank in the top 10 of U.S. News and World Report list of 2022 Best Jobs, evaluated on the basis of salary, work-life balance, and job outlook. Did your job make the list, and how does your salary compare to the median?


Deere CTO: Data Quality Sets Pace For Future Of AI

Data access and quality is a limiting factor for the development of future AI applications, said Deere CTO Jahmy Hindman, speaking at CES 2022 on Jan. 5. Data labeling is still mainly a manual process, which sets the pace for developing advanced models in the enterprise.

The Age of AI-ism

I recently read The Age of AI: And Our Human Future by Henry Kissinger, Eric Schmidt, and Daniel Huttenlocher. The book describes itself as 'an essential roadmap to our present and our future.'

10 NLP Predictions For 2022

Natural language processing (NLP) has been one of the hottest sectors in AI over the past two years.


7 Decentralized Data Storage Networks Compared

Set to change the distributed data storage market, decentralized storage offers organizations a promising alternative to centralized cloud storage

Reduce Data Storage Waste With Planning, Retention Policies

Delete unneeded data to ensure no data storage is wasted and to save both time and money. Use retention policies, data repositories and compliance as guides to get started

Best Storage Products Of 2022

Here are the companies with the best storage products of the year as compiled by the redaction of

TDK Reports Shipped Prototype HDD Heads With MAS-MAMR Next Gen Recording Technology for 30TB HDDs

MAS-MAMR is co-developed with Toshiba corporate R&D Center and Toshiba Electric Devices and Storage, and Showa disks.

Predictions Of Storage Vendors For 2022

Like every year, asked vendors for their 2022 perspectives, following yesterday's top news on the opinion on 26 storage vendors on 2021.

Big Data

What Is Data Visualization? Benefits, Types & Best Practices

Data Visualization is the visual representation of information, making it an easier and better source for learning and data analysis.

The insideBIGDATA IMPACT 50 List for Q1 2022

The team here at insideBIGDATA is deeply entrenched in following the big data ecosystem of companies from around the globe.

Big Growth Forecasted For Big Data

These are heady times to be in the big data business, with big growth predicted for the foreseeable future across several measures, including data generation and storage, market spending, and data analytics hiring.

The Data Silos Holding You Back Are All In Your Head

In the modern data landscape, there has been much discussion of the need to break down data silos for faster, more effective results.


4 Ways HR Leaders Can Reimagine The Great Resignation As An Opportunity

Companies that focus on skills over titles may gain the upper hand, write Jonathan Pearce and Michael Griffiths of Deloitte.

Virtual Job Fairs Continue To Help Employers Cast A Wider Net

The traditional process of vying for recruiter attention may hold marginalized talent back

8 Key Technologies For The Future Of Work

As the hybrid workplace becomes the norm, technologies designed to accommodate, protect, and improve productivity for remote and in-office employees will be critical.


5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Wait Any Longer To Deploy MFA

MFA, or multi-factor authentication, has the power to prevent the majority of data breaches. Yet many organizations are still lagging in implementation.

Understanding and Complying with the New MFA Requirements for Cyber Insurance

Yaron Kassner, the CTO and co-founder of Silverfort, shares some expert insights into the new MFA requirements that companies need to know about.

MFA Market To Reach $21.3 Billion By 2027

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, the global market for multi-factor authentication (MFA) estimated at $8.6 billion in the year 2020, is projected to reach a revised size of $21.3 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 13.9% over the analysis period 2020-2027, according to ResearchAndMarkets.


What's Next for Patch Management: Automation

The next five years will bring the widespread use of hyperautomation in patch management

The Evolution Of Patch Management: How And When It Got So Complicated

In the wake of WannaCry and its ilk, the National Vulnerability Database arose to help security organizations track and prioritize vulnerabilities to patch.

Top Infrastructure Monitoring Tools 2022

Infrastructure monitoring is the proactive analysis of application infrastructure that enables you to identify or predict performance issues before they become grave and ensures that network resources are functioning as intended.

Five Trends Shaping Data Center Industry In 2022

The demand for data is increasing exponentially fuelled by the pandemic and constantly evolving integrated IT infrastructure.


PCIe 6.0 Will Give Us SSDs With Speeds Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

The PCIe 6.0 specification has now been finalized

PCI-SIG Releases PCIe 6.0 Specification

PCI Express (PCIe) specification has served as the de facto interconnect of choice for nearly two decades

The Golden Age Of Computer Monitors

Your display is probably the most important aspect of your ergonomic interaction with your computer. Recent advances are nothing short of amazing

IEEE Computer Society Unveils Its 2022 Technology Predictions

The IEEE Computer Society (IEEE CS) has unveiled its annual Technology Predictions, addressing the long-lasting influence of the pandemic on tech advancements, as well as introducing new fundamentals and anticipated trends shaping the industry for 2022 and beyond


Modern Alternatives To Some Of The Classic Linux Commands

When you start learning Linux, you begin with a standard set of Linux commands that have been in existence since the UNIX days

LUKS: Linux Hard Disk Data Encryption with NTFS Support in Linux

LUKS acronym stands for Linux Unified Key Setup which is a widely method of disk-encryption used by Linux Kernel and is implemented with the cryptsetup package.


Maybe Cloud Migration Needs More Than Six Rs

The six Rs are a common part of cloud migration plans. However, perhaps it's time to pay more attention to what each workload specifically needs.

5 Cloud Security Trends In 2022

The pandemic focus on work from home in 2021 put the spurs to cloud migration for many businesses, which had to migrate to the cloud almost overnight to support remote workforces.

Guide To Managing Edge Computing's Explosive Data Growth

Properly managing edge computing's massive data growth requires using multiple partners and good communication between IT and business leaders.

Looking for a new IT job in 2022? Explore some of the most in-demand skills


2022-2023 Top 5 Small Enterprise vSphere Backup Solutions

The Data Center Intelligence Group (DCIG) announced 2022-23 DCIG Top 5 Small Enterprise vSphere Backup Solutions report.

Four Predictions For Storage And Backup Security In 2022

Cyberstorage gained more attention in the media in 2021 with the rise in storage hacks, ransomware attacks, and cases of immutable storage erased


Trends In Blockchain For 2022

Hiring top IT talent is more essential - and more challenging - than ever. Consider these key high-demand roles and how to attract the right candidates

How NFTs Help Shape the Future

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token - Non-Fungible meaning unique, and token meaning record of ownership stored on a blockchain.


Public-Key Cryptography Standards (PKCS)

Public-Key Cryptography Standards (PKCS) are a set of standard protocols, numbered from 1 to 15. These standards were developed to enable secure information exchange on the internet by using a public key infrastructure (PKI).

Best Practices For Improving Cloud Encryption

As businesses increasingly adopt cloud technology, cloud security becomes paramount.


BI Tools 2022: Best Business Intelligence Software

BI software tools identify patterns and trends in data to assist in making strategic business decisions. Compare the top business intelligence tools to see which solution best fits your business needs.


The 4 Phases Of A Cybersecurity Strategy That Schools Must Implement

K-12 schools that don't have a solid approach to preventing and handling cyber incidents can create one - even if they're understaffed - using these key phases


10 Cool Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) Systems In 2022

From Dell VxRail and HPE SimpliVity to Quantum VS-HCI and Scale Computing HE500, CRN breaks down 10 of the hottest hyperconverged infrastructure systems to know in 2022


There Are Now 200 5G Networks In 87 Countries Across The World

GSA report highlights network and device momentum


The 11 Best ERP for Startups and Growing Businesses in 2022

The editors at Solutions Review have compiled this list of the best ERP solutions for startups and growing businesses to consider