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7 Toxic Team Behaviors IT Leaders Must Root Out

When an IT team member begins behaving poorly, performance and productivity will likely suffer. Here's how to detect and eradicate destructive attitudes before they take root

5 IT Leadership Mistakes To Avoid: Alabama CIO Of The Year Winners Share

What moves must rising IT leaders and seasoned CIOs alike avoid as they nurture individuals? Award-winning CIOs share their advice

The Quotable CIO: Wit And Wisdom From Top Technology Leaders, 9th Edition

Enjoy our ninth collection of CIO quotes that are worth reading and sharing.

Gartner Announces Rankings Of The 2021 Supply Chain Top 25

Cisco Systems Retains Top Position; Four New Companies Join Ranking

Zoom CIO: Hybrid Work Demands Fresh Thinking

Both how we work and the purpose of the office will change dramatically as organizations begin to adopt hybrid work environments. Technology leaders have an important role to play

The CISO: The Enabler Of Innovation

Myles Bray, senior vice-president EMEA at Forcepoint, discusses how the role of the chief information security officer (CISO) has changed, to enable innovation

Digital Transformation At The San Francisco Opera

The San Francisco Opera is one of the world's leading performing arts organizations, with an annual operating budget of $30 million. How did this renowned company use digital technology to adapt its business models and performances during the last year?


7 Hot Cyber Threat Trends To Expect At Black Hat

A sneak peek of some of the main themes at Black Hat USA next month.

Deepfakes: The Next Big Threat

A number of mobile apps give anyone with a smartphone and a few minutes of time on their hands the ability to create and distribute a deep fake video

How NIST Is Changing Password Creation In 2021

We're living in an era where almost everything is just a few clicks away, and the internet is becoming the second home for all of us.

The Top 7 Identity And Access Management Risks

An IAM system introduces risks to the enterprise, but the consensus is the benefits of IAM outweigh the drawbacks. What are some of the issues that might arise?

Windows 10 And Linux Security Flaws Could Let Hackers Hijack Your Work Machine

Linux bug has been patched even as Microsoft has its under investigation

Even Highly Skilled IT Professionals Fall Prey To Phishing Attacks

Remote working led to a steep rise in the number of successful phishing attacks, finds survey

How AI Will Transform Data Security

I've often wondered whether artificial intelligence (AI) in cybersecurity is a good thing or a bad thing for data security.

How Long-Term Hybrid Work Is Changing Security Strategies

CISOs across industries are revisiting the stopgap security tools and the temporary policies they enacted to quickly enable remote work to replace them with stronger permanent solutions. But the old rules no longer apply.


Google Cloud Rolls Out New Security Tools As Threat Landscape Heats Up

New tools for the public sector will help agencies comply with President Joe Biden's cybersecurity executive order, while other tools give Google Cloud customers more automated security operations and access to Palo Alto Networks' threat detection technologies

4 Best Practices For Big Data Security In Cloud Computing

When dealing with vast amounts of data in the cloud, enterprises need to be proactive with security. Don't wait for a threat to happen; apply these best practices first.

3 Steps To Boost Your Enterprise Cloud Security

Organizations must keep a check on security implications associated with multiple cloud environments. Companies should build robust cloud security policies to defend against evolving cloud risks.

Hybrid Cloud Success: 5 Things To Forget About, 4 Things To Remember

Prepping for hybrid cloud relies on essentials like developing in-house expertise and careful analysis that proves out what the cost benefits will be

New AWS Volumes Promise Ultra-Low Latency And Mega Durability

New volume supports some SAN features with more under development

Cloud Security Could Be The Biggest Risk Your Workplace Faces

Most malware is now delivered via cloud, report warns

Windows 365: The Vision For Delivering A CloudPC

The news of Windows 365 and the CloudPC piqued my interest this week. For some time I have been hoping for a persistent virtual desktop experience in the cloud that is unique for me.

It's Time To Double Down On Cloud Adoption

Jack Watts, EMEA leader, AI at NetApp, discusses the need to double down on cloud deployments when it comes to the AI journey


Storage-As-A-Service: Consumption Models From The Big Six

We look at the big six storage makers' consumption model offers, which allow customers to pay for on-prem hardware and cloud storage capacity on a pay-per-use basis, within limits

Apply Hyperscale Data Center Design Principles To IT Storage

Storage admins in large enterprises can borrow infrastructure design principles from the major hyperscale cloud providers to optimize their own storage systems and operations

Are You Ready For The Unstructured Data Explosion?

Over the last decade, unstructured data has exploded - and so have the use cases for this treasure trove of information


What AI Experts Fear from AI

Rogue AIs. Algorithmic bias. Job losses. These are some of the outcomes that AI developers fear will come from their work, according to a new report issued today by the Deloitte AI Institute and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

3 Ways To Make Conversational Ai Work For Your Organization

There's little doubt that conversational AI is gaining momentum. The question is this: How can you use it to deliver real business value?

7 Ways AI And ML Are Helping And Hurting Cybersecurity

In the right hands, artificial intelligence and machine learning can enrich our cyber defenses. In the wrong hands, they can create significant harm


A Little Bigger Than The Raspberry Pi, But A Lot More Powerful (And Expensive!)

Most of the time, the Raspberry Pi is enough, but there are times when you need a lot more power.

DNA Storage Promises 10 Million X Storage Capacity Boost

A datacentre that fits in the palm of your hand? However, right now, DNA storage is an expensive chemical process that researchers are trying to make a practical proposal


Magic Quadrant For Enterprise Backup And Recovery Software Solutions

The move toward public cloud, heightened concerns over ransomware along with complexities associated with backup and data management are forcing I&O leaders to rearchitect their backup infrastructure and explore alternative solutions


Blockchain Gets Real Across Industries

Blockchain use cases are exploding across industries because these days trust is 'a thing.' Here are 11 examples