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Gartner Survey Of Over 2,400 CIOs Reveals That 45% Of CIOs Are Driving A Shift To Co-Ownership Of Digital Leadership

CIOs and Technology Executives Say GenAI is a Game-Changing Technology, Thursday, October 19,2023

Nine Rules For CIOs To Optimize It Costs Strategically

As chief information officers strive to maximize technologies' impact on the business, they must establish a structured approach to cost management within information technology and with business partners. This requires CIOs to build a programmatic and strategic cost optimization discipline.

siliconANGLE, Monday, October 16,2023

Gartner: IT Spending To Climb 8% To $5.1 Trillion In 2024

Cloud spending and cybersecurity investments will be the biggest drivers of enterprise IT spending growth in the coming year.

Network World, Friday, October 20,2023

Why IT Projects Still Fail

Despite strategic alignment among IT and business leaders, technical and transformational initiatives still fall flat at an unacceptable rate. Here's how IT can learn from its mistakes.

CIO, Monday, October 16,2023

How Digital Transformation Is Changing Customer Experience

Digital transformation and customer experience go hand in hand as organizations look to provide self-service options, highly personalized experiences and easier ways to query data.

Search CIO, Friday, October 20,2023

Is It Time To Install A Chief AI Officer?

As generative AI transforms businesses it's time to consider making room in the C-suite for another executive leader.

CIO, Monday, October 16,2023

8 Tips For Cultivating A Winning IT Culture

Great IT organizations don't happen by accident. Building a winning team requires dedication, support, and imagination.

CIO, Monday, October 9,2023

12 Digital Transformation Tips And Best Practices

Successful digital transformation requires agility, speed, cost optimization, technical innovation and cultural change. C-suite commitment and employee buy-in are also critical.

Search CIO, Thursday, October 12,2023

6 Pain Points For CISCOs And CIOs And What To Do About Them

Chief information security officers and chief information officers have distinct roles, but they share some common challenges.

InformationWeek, Wednesday, October 11,2023


HDD Shipments Flat At 31-32 Million In 3Q23

HDD Shipments Flat at 31-32 Million; Total Capacity Shipped at Approximately 200EB, Monday, October 16,2023

Micron First To Bring 232 Layers To Mainstream SSDs

The 7500, Micron's latest SSD, uses the company's 232-layer NAND technology to support a broad set of use cases at a lower price point than its high-end counterparts.

Search Storage, Tuesday, October 17,2023

Seagate Exos X24 24TB HDD Now Shipping

Seagate has expanded its Exos X lineup with the Exos X24 hard drive, boasting a remarkable 24TB storage capacity. Aimed at hyperscale customers and enterprises running scale-out data centers, the Seagate Exos X24 sets a new benchmark for rack-space efficiency and total cost of ownership.

StorageReview, Thursday, October 19,2023

OpenZFS 2.2 Released with Linux 6.5 Support, Block Cloning, and More

This release also adds support for Linux-specific container interfaces, scrub error log, and BLAKE3 checksums.

9to5linux, Wednesday, October 18,2023

Magic Quadrant For Primary Storage

Leaders Dell, Pure Storage, Huawei, NetApp, IBM, HPE, Infinidat and Hitachi Vantara deeply analyzed, Wednesday, October 4,2023

How Long Does A SSD Last

Ingests and analyzes security data from an extensive ecosystem of technologies and vendors; Offers 24/7 monitoring, investigation and automated remediation of security alerts, Wednesday, October 4,2023

What is a Virtual Storage Area Network (VSAN)?

A virtual storage area network, or vSAN, is a storage area network with a layer of abstraction between the physical hardware and the software that runs it. Traditional SANs connect physical storage devices to a standalone network-users save and access data as if the drives were local, or connected directly to their computers, allowing for a more centralized approach to data storage.

Enterprise Storage Forum, Friday, October 6,2023

Toshiba MG10F Series 3.5-Inch CMR 22TB HDD with 10-Disk Helium-Sealed Design

Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH announces its MG10F Series 22TB HDD, a conventional magnetic recording (CMR) HDD that leverages the firm's 10-disk helium-sealed design., Wednesday, October 4,2023

Cold Storage

Cold storage is a computer system or mode of operation designed for the retention of inactive data.

Search Storage, Thursday, October 5,2023


3 Gartner Predictions That Showcase The Future Of Enterprise AI

CIOs can expect generative AI to supercharge legacy modernization and even influence geopolitics over the next few years.

CIODIVE, Tuesday, October 17,2023

What Enterprise Software Vendors Are Doing With Generative AI

CIOs are cautiously evaluating generative AI for use in their own applications, while enterprise software vendors showcase the AI at a furious pace.

CIO, Monday, October 9,2023

AI Leadership Insights: Conversational Data (13:59)

Synopsis: In this AI Leadership Insights video interview, Mike Vizard speaks with Gregory Whiteside, CEO for, about how conversational data is applied to AI.

techs, Friday, October 13,2023

Interpreting The MLPerf Storage Benchmark

Silverton Consulting's president, Ray Lucchesi, has looked at the MLPerf storage benchmark's initial results and suggested that simulated accelerators per compute node is a useful way to compare suppliers.

Blocks&Files, Sunday, October 8,2023

Top Ethical Issues With AI And Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) systems possess the ability to autonomously learn and make decisions, mimicking human intelligence in ways that were once considered purely science fiction.

Dataversity, Thursday, October 12,2023

How To Source AI Infrastructure Components

Rent, buy or repurpose AI infrastructure? The right choice depends on an organization's planned AI projects, budget, data privacy needs and technical personnel resources.

Search Enterprise AI, Friday, October 13,2023 Releases New AI Model to Prevent AI Hallucinations in Sales Content Generation is the only Generative AI platform on the market that is designed exclusively to support the sales workflow. Therefore, its Generative AI models can write performant sales emails, email sequences, call scripts and LinkedIn messages.

AiTHORITY, Monday, October 9,2023

AI-Enabled Bots Can Solve Captchas Faster Than Humans

Companies are losing revenue in the fight against malicious bot attacks, according to survey by Kasada.

HelpNet Security, Friday, October 13,2023

To Create Living AI, Replace Neural Networks With Neural Matrices

In this article, I will show you the deep reason why modern AI cannot behave like living beings. I will also discuss how to fix it. For the first time, you will learn about a new type of mathematical neuron from which you can build a new generation of AI that will be able to behave the way biological living organisms behave. Simply put, I will tell you what living AI will be created from.

TechTalks, Friday, October 13,2023


Open Source Dast, Browser Security And EDR: Security Tools Anyone Can Afford

Dynamic application security testing (DAST), browser security and endpoint detection and response (EDR) represent the cutting edge of security technology. Many organizations make huge investments in these tools, but there are viable open source alternatives.

Security Boulevard, Thursday, October 19,2023

IT Admins Are Just As Guilty For Weak Password Use

No, it's not just end-users who are to blame for bad passwords. New research by Outpost24 examines admin use of weak passwords.

IT Security Guru, Tuesday, October 17,2023

Multifactor Authentication And Authorization: The Key To Evolving As Fast As Insider Threats

Solutions Review's Contributed Content Series is a collection of contributed articles written by thought leaders in enterprise software categories. Jason Lohrey of Arcitecta introduces us to Multifactor Authentication and Authorization (MFA&A); examining how it's the key against insider threats.

Solutions Review, Thursday, October 19,2023

37 Cybersecurity Awareness Month Quotes From Industry Experts In 2023

As part of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we called for the industry's best and brightest to share their comments. The experts featured represent some of the top Cybersecurity solution providers with experience in these marketplaces, and each projection has been vetted for relevance and ability to add business value.

Solutions Review, Monday, October 9,2023

8 Key Strategies For Hardening Your Identity And Access Management Security

Social engineering attacks aimed at SaaS Super Admins are fast becoming a leading attack vector. This follows the trend of threat actors routinely targeting and compromising end-user SaaS accounts, which are notorious for having weak identity security controls such as single-factor authentication and excessive privileges.

Security Boulevard, Wednesday, October 18,2023

HTTP/2 Rapid Reset Attack Vulnerability

Google, Amazon Web Services & others recently disclosed a vulnerability in HTTP/2 protocol, which is being tracked as 'CVE-2023-44487'. The flaw lies in how the HTTP/2 protocol was implemented to increase the efficiency of transmitting various messages between endpoints by 'Stream multiplexing'.

Indusface, Tuesday, October 17,2023

Key Security Trends Observed In 2023

As the world returns to normalcy post a turbulent period of two years, cybersecurity strategies too have evolved to manage the new normal., Wednesday, October 4,2023

CIOs Must Safeguard Organizations With A Validated Zero Trust Solution

Despite significant investment in cybersecurity, organizations' current approaches fall short, introducing rising levels of vulnerability. Validated Zero Trust is here to change that.

CIO, Tuesday, October 17,2023

Leveraging AI For Cybersecurity

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a double-edged sword when it comes to cybersecurity. As technology advances, threat actors can also leverage it for malicious attacks.

FutureCIO, Tuesday, October 10,2023


What is a CMDB?

There are countless tools and technologies available to help an organization stay on top of its IT assets, and a configuration management database (CMDB) is an extremely useful one.

Fortra, Tuesday, October 17,2023

Unlocking The Best Practices For System Update Policy In 2023

In 2023, a robust system update policy is more crucial than ever. Cyber threats are evolving, and outdated systems are easy targets. Our infographic below charts this vital evolution.

Smallbiz, Monday, October 16,2023

Global Hyperscale Computing Market Size To Reach USD 2,729.56 Billion In 2032

Rising focus towards high performance computing and increasing need to reduce capital and operational expenditures are some key factors driving hyperscale computing market growth

Emergen Research, Wednesday, October 18,2023

Risks Of IT Integration

You should be able to grasp after reading this article that traditional IT integration is difficult, the cybersecurity threats prevalent during M&A deals and Zero Trust security has many advantages.

AiTHORITY, Thursday, October 12,2023

Stronger Ransomware Protection Finally Pays Off

60% of companies are 'very' to 'extremely' concerned about ransomware attacks, according to latest research from Hornetsecurity.

HelpNet Security, Friday, October 13,2023

Hyperscale Datacenter Capacity Set To Triple Because Of AI Demand

Total capacity of hyperscale datacenters is set to grow almost threefold over the next six years on the back of AI demand, substantially increasing the amount of power required by those facilities.

The Register, Wednesday, October 18,2023


How Ubuntu Linux Snuck Into High-End Dell Laptops

The Dell XPS 13 is the best-known developer-focused, high-end Linux laptop. Here's how it got there.

ZDNet, Friday, October 20,2023

World's biggest PC vendor takes first step that could establish Android as Windows biggest rival ever - and eliminate Google ChromeOS at the same time

Lenovo will soon begin to distribute devices powered by the Esper Foundation OS

techradar, Thursday, October 12,2023

Linux Might Be Your Best Bet For Heightening Your Desktop Computer Security

With the threat of security breaches continually on the rise, it's time to take your operating system seriously -- and Linux is your best friend in this never-ending battle.

ZDNet, Thursday, October 12,2023

Linux Mint 21.2 Edge ISO Is Available For Download

Want to install Linux Mint, but your hardware is too new and not being recognized? Mint's Edge ISO is here to solve that problem.

linuxiac, Monday, October 9,2023

What To Know About The Open Enterprise Linux Association

OpenELA was established in response to Red Hat's policy change and focuses on ensuring open and transparent access to Linux source code.

ITProToday, Friday, October 13,2023

Red Hat vs. SUSE: How Do These Linux Distributions Stack Up?

Deciding between Red Hat and SUSE may not seem simple, but comparing training, pricing and certifications should help companies understand which would best suit their employees.

Search Data Center, Thursday, October 5,2023

The Best Linux Laptops Of 2023

Prefer Linux to Windows? You should buy a laptop that comes with Linux for the best possible experience.

How-To Geek, Wednesday, October 18,2023


How Will 5.5G Enable New Monetisation Models For Telcos?

At the Global Mobile Broadband Forum (MBBF) 2023 in Dubai, CCS Insight's executive chairman, Shaun Collins, shared his thoughts on the global trends that are guiding the direction of 5.5G

TelecomTV, Thursday, October 19,2023

Generative AI And Telecoms - How To Best Navigate Through The Potential Trough Of Disillusionment periodically invites expert third parties to share their views on the industry's most pressing issues. In this piece Martin Morgan, Head of Digital Marketing at Qvantel, looks at how generative AI may be able to live up to the hype., Thursday, October 12,2023

European Telcos Once Again Push For 'Fair Contribution' To Network Costs

Some of Europe's biggest telcos have signed a letter pushing for big tech firms to contribute to the costs of running telecoms networks, again., Monday, October 2,2023

Telco Cloudification Poses A Huge Systemic Risk

Operators champion their multivendor strategies even as they increasingly demand a single cloud platform - and the options are limited.

LighReading, Friday, October 13,2023

Telco Leaders Join Forces To Discuss Next Steps Towards Highly Autonomous Networks

Industry leaders from Telefonica, Vodafone, China Mobile, Zain, MTN, AIS, EANTC, and Huawei gathered at the Summit and delivered keynote speeches focussing on AN. They spoke to an audience representing over 150 global operators, each seeking to learn the latest progress and achievements related to Autonomous Networks.

total telecom, Wednesday, October 11,2023

5G Forecast: More Than 8B Connections Worldwide By 2028

5G is the fastest growing wireless cellular technology and will exceed 4G LTE by more than 2.5 billion connections in 2028, according to a 5G forecast from 5G Americas and Omdia.

telecompetitor, Monday, October 2,2023


B2B Reads: 12 Killer B2B Marketing Strategies, 20 Common Types Of Channel Partners And Where To Find Them, Inbound Recap And More!

In addition to our Sunday App of the Week feature, we also summarize some of our favorite B2B sales & marketing posts from around the web each week.

Heinz Marketing, Saturday, October 14,2023

Key Digital Marketing Trends To Watch In 2024

The digital marketing landscape is dynamic and ever-changing, with new marketing tactics, technology, and consumer preferences offered regularly. As the year 2024 approaches, businesses must retain a competitive edge by remaining one step ahead of the curve and predicting the next trends that will serve as the foundation of their marketing efforts., Tuesday, October 24,2023

What is a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

A chief marketing officer (CMO) is a C-suite executive responsible for overseeing the planning, development and execution of an organization's marketing and advertising initiatives.

Seach CIO, Tuesday, October 24,2023


11 Most In-Demand Gen AI Jobs Companies Are Hiring For

Organizations are optimistic about gen AI in the workplace, but rapid adoption has sparked the need for new hires to help design, develop, implement, and maintain gen AI tools and services.

CIO, Friday, October 13,2023

How Can Platform Engineers Thrive In The Age Of AI?

The game-changing advent of ChatGPT has ushered in an era of greater interest and investment in artificial intelligence (AI). Many companies are seeking increased productivity and financial benefits by integrating AI into their products and development lifecycles.

insideBIGDATA, Friday, October 13,2023

What Is A Data Architect? Skills, Salaries, And How To Become A Data Framework Master

Data architects visualize and design an organization's enterprise data management framework, aligned with enterprise strategy and business architecture.

CIO, Friday, October 13,2023


5 Steps To Secure Your Virtualized Data Center

As virtualization becomes the norm for organizations around the world, securing these environments where business-critical operations run is vital. From zero-day exploits to denial-of-service (DoS) attacks to hyperjacking, the threats to virtualized architectures are extensive and potentially damaging.

ServerWatch, Thursday, October 19,2023

VirtualBox 7.0.12 Adds Initial Support for Linux 6.6 and openSUSE 15.5 Kernels

This release also adds improvements for the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.9 and 9.3 kernels, as well as Linux 6.4 and 6.5 kernels.

9to5linux, Tuesday, October 17,2023


Gartner Predicts Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends For 2024

Gartner sees these 10 tech trends driving significant disruption and opportunity for CIOs and IT leaders over the next 36 months.

DataCenter Knowledge, Tuesday, October 17,2023

Everyone Is Chasing What NVIDIA Already Has By TPM

Transitions in the datacenter take time. It took Unix servers a decade, from 1985 through 1995, to supplant proprietary minicomputers and a lot of mainframe capacity that would have otherwise been bought.

The Next Platform, Friday, October 13,2023


The 9 Best CRM Books You Should Consider Reading

There is no shortage of CRM resources and learning tools available online (including the buyer's guides and best practice articles here on Solutions Review). But if your team is looking for something more substantial, a good, old-fashioned book will be one of the best options available to you. To help you find the right one for your needs, our editors have identified some of the best CRM books to add to your bookshelf.

Solutions Review, Monday, October 2,2023

How GenAI Will Reshape CRM's Value

Are we right to expect the same superpowers and natural dialogue that J.A.R.V.I.S., the AI assistant, brings to Iron Man as what generative AI (genAI) will bring to CRM?

Forrester, Friday, October 6,2023

Big Data

New Technologies In A Big Data World

The 'big data' world is pervasive-to the point in which every organization is now a big data organization.

Big Data Quarterly, Tuesday, October 10,2023


7 Cloud Market Trends And How They Will Impact IT

With the cloud now a key staple of IT strategies, IT leaders would be wise to keep apprised of offerings and pricing tactics evolving within the cloud market. Here's the latest CIOs should know.

CIO, Tuesday, October 17,2023

Cloud Security And Functionality: Don't Settle For Just One

Cloud security is important to you, but that doesn't mean you're willing to trade security for functionality. You need security to work for you. Whatever cloud security resources you're using must be compatible with the services you use to power your environments.

HelpNet Security, Wednesday, October 11,2023


Our Latest VPN Tests Are Over And The Rankings Have Changed

The most recent round of VPN testing is complete, and after rigorous analysis and comparisons, we have a new top five best VPN services.

techradar, Wednesday, October 4,2023

Protect Critical Infrastructure With Same Rigor As Classified Networks

Government security processes are often viewed as tedious and burdensome - but applying the lessons learned from them is imperative for private industry to counter a nation-state threat.

DARKReading, Thursday, October 12,2023


Tape Storage In 2023: What Do You Need To Know?

Tape backup - writing data to magnetic tape - is an older medium that has been around for decades. Data storage innovations from disk to flash to the cloud offering faster speeds, higher capacities, and more scalable solutions led many in the industry to declare tape obsolete as far back as the early 2000s. But tape usage continues to play a part in enterprise digital storage.

Enterprise Storage Forum, Wednesday, October 11,2023


A Sales Secret: Don't Wait To Talk - Really Listen

Conjure an image of a successful salesperson, and it'll probably involve someone who is an expert at communicating. Loud, commanding, social. The salesperson has to be a talker, right?

Destination CRM, Monday, October 2,2023

5 Digital Sales Enablement Tools To Boost Productivity

Explore how the top sales enablement tools -- such as live chat, email automation and digital asset management -- can help agents boost productivity and efficiency.

Search Customer Experience, Tuesday, October 3,2023


How To Use ERP To Improve The Workforce Of Your Organization?

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are software solutions that integrate core business processes across an organization, such as accounting, manufacturing, sales, and human resources. ERP systems can help organizations improve their workforce in a number of ways, Tuesday, October 10,2023

What Is On The ERP Horizon In 2024?

Here's what to expect from enterprise resource planning in 2024.

ITProToday, Wednesday, October 11,2023

CxO Podcasts

@HPCpodcast-70: Paul Messina - Journey to Exascale

From the early days of supercomputing through the stellar success of the Exascale Project, few HPC luminaries have played such an integral and leadership role in supercomputing as Dr. Paul Messina. So as we look at the annual observance of the Exascale Day on October eighteenth, we were delighted to get a chance to discuss the journey to Exascale with someone who has led and overseen 10 orders of magnitude in performance improvement.

OrionX, Tuesday, October 17,2023


20 Traits Of Highly Effective Project Managers

To be a truly great project manager you must be a strategic business partner fully vested in organizational success - and be able to roll with inevitable setbacks. Here's how elite project managers stand out.

CIO, Thursday, October 12,2023


EasySender: EasyDMARC's New Email Deliverability Platform

For every $1 spent, email marketing generates $36 - email communication is the lifeblood of your business. Whether you're sending a transactional message or a marketing campaign, the success of your email relies on email deliverability - the percentage of emails landing in your customers' inboxes.

EasyDMARC, Friday, October 13,2023


Understanding GNU: The Backbone Of Free Software Philosophy

What is GNU? Get a comprehensive overview of the GNU project and its pivotal role in championing the cause of free and open-source software.

linuxiac, Thursday, October 5,2023

Low Code

Low-Code/No-Code Application Development - Putting Users In Control

Not long ago, it wasn't uncommon for a new application deployment to take a year or more. Today, that timeframe is measured in weeks. What has changed?, Tuesday, October 17,2023


GDPR Compliance: What Storage Pros Must Know

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) placed significant restrictions on data management and security when the European enacted it in 2018. But it's also had a major impact on enterprise data storage infrastructure and management.

Enterprise Storage Forum, Friday, October 13,2023

Gestalt IT

Automation, Analytics, And More At Cloud Field Day 18 (Oct. 18th And 19th)

As Enterprises adopt Cloud, they're focusing on game changing technologies like automation, data center analytics, networking, and security operations. Our Cloud Field Day presentations include introductions to key companies, product deep dives, and live technology demos.

Gestalt IT, Thursday, October 12,2023