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We Need AI To Enable Everything (25 Minutes)
Gesalt IT, Wednesday, February 7th, 2024
The IT world is obsessed with AI but the desire to put AI into every product creates confusion and uncertainty. In this episode of the On-Premise Podcast, Tom Hollingsworth is joined by Zoe Rose and Dominik Pickhardt to discuss why everyone is so excited about AI.

hey also focus on issues with opaque algorithms and how AI can actually be useful in helping professionals with their daily work.

Podcast Information:

Tom Hollingsworth is a Networking and Security Specialist at Gestalt IT and Event Lead for Tech Field Day. You can connect with Tom on LinkedIn and X/Twitter. Find out more on his blog or on the Tech Field Day website.

Zoe Rose is a security team lead specializing in SecOps and cohost of the Imposter Syndrome Network Podcast. You can connect with Zoe on LinkedIn or on X/Twitter and listen to the Imposter Syndrome Network Podcast.

Dominik Pickhardt is an InfoSec Architect. You can connect with Dominik on LinkedIn or on X/Twitter, or read more on his website.

Cisco Live EMEA Embraces New Technologies (27 min)
Gesalt IT, Wednesday, February 7th, 2024
Cisco Live EMEA is happening this week and we're here learning all the great things that Cisco is investing in and bringing to the market. We thought it would be great to give you a quick overview of the biggest announcements as well as providing some context around why they're important. This and more on this week's Rundown. Thanks to Zoe Rose for sitting in!

1:09 - Linux Foundation Launches Post-Quantum Cryptography Group

Quantum computing is a topic that is still on the horizon, but the prospect of post-quantum cryptography has been very active in recent months. This week the Linux Foundation announced the formation of the Post Quantum Cryptography Association, a group dedicated to the idea that cryptographic algorithms need to be hardened before quantum computers render them invalid. Founding members of the group include IBM, AWS, Google, and QuSecure.

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