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In a conversation with OSFY, Karrtik Iyer, Head of Communities - Data Science & AI, Thoughtworks, champions broader open source adoption and showcases the company's active engagement with Indian languages in the generative AI space.

Q. What does open source signify for the Thoughtworks team?

A. At Thoughtworks, the concept of open source goes beyond just a development model or a type of software. It is deeply ingrained in our culture and philosophy. We view it as a challenge to break away from traditional solutions and foster a transparent, community-driven process for developing technology.

Thoughtworks has actively embraced open source development; the goal is for the open source project to be supported by the wider community. We have achieved this by creating various open source tools, and upskilling individuals.

LibreOffice 24.2 introduces AutoRecovery by default, enhancing content security for users. Check out the new features!

The Document Foundation has officially launched LibreOffice 24.2, which is now available for download for Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms. This release introduces a new calendar-based version numbering system (YY.M). Here's what it's all about.

The latest major release of the well-known office suite was 7.6. However, this is set to change with the introduction of 24.2, as the version numbering will now follow a 'year.month' pattern, similar to that used by Ubuntu releases, for example. This change aims to simplify version identification for end users, making it more intuitive to understand.

Open Source Software Adoption On The Rise: Insights From A Survey
OpenSourceForU, Friday, February 9th, 2024
In a recent survey on open source software, companies are clearly showing a preference for this dynamic technology. The survey sheds light on usage patterns, challenges faced, and future prospects.

In this era of digitisation, the use of open source software continues to gain momentum. This is what the Open Source Survey 2023-24 conducted by Ashnik, a leading open source consulting and services company headquartered in Singapore, revealed. The survey delved deep into the growing trust in open source platforms highlighting the reasons behind this trend, which include cost-efficiency, customisation freedom, and enhanced security.

Why the buzz around open source software?

The findings from the survey are indeed telling. A whopping 96% of its participants said they were gearing up for an uptick in the adoption of open source platforms.

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