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Cloud ERP Vs. On-Premises ERP: Key Differences
SearchERP, Friday, February 9th, 2024
Understanding the differences between on-premises ERP and cloud ERP, especially multi-tenant SaaS, is critical in buying decisions. Here's how they compare in 12 important areas.

In the ERP world, the debate is over, and the cloud has won. Leading ERP vendors, including Oracle, SAP and Microsoft, have shifted their focus almost entirely to the cloud, and their on-premises versions only get token attention, mostly for bug fixes.

"Vendors are putting their innovation efforts toward their cloud-based solutions rather than on-prem," said Tim Crawford, president of Avoa, an IT consultancy. "Some innovations will be added to the on-prem version, but it's not feasible for things like generative AI to try and add capabilities locally."

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