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The company will leverage AWS's scalable storage options, enhanced data security measures, and robust computing capabilities to empower scientists and researchers to access, analyze, and manage vast amounts of data efficiently and securely in the cloud

Owkin, a TechBio that combines the best of human and artificial intelligence to find the right treatment for every patient, announced they are working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to transform drug discovery, de-risk and accelerate clinical trials, and develop AI diagnostics. Owkin will leverage AWS's proven global infrastructure and secure, extensive and reliable cloud platform to enhance data operations, optimize for operational excellence, and drive forward research in precision medicine.

Deter Spam Callers Using Amazon Connect
AWS News, Friday, February 9th, 2024
Contact centers often receive illegitimate phone calls where the caller is pretending to be someone else by using an existing customer's phone number.

While you might simply fail a check on a web site because you don't have the right credentials, contact center agents are trained to be polite even when something seems amiss, so they can become a target for social engineering, especially when the contact center uses the automatic number identification (ANI) to identify the customer and look up customer data. Beyond the obvious pain this causes the real customer, it can also tie up agents, which can lead to increased wait times and potential loss of revenue.

This post describes a workflow to detect and deter such calls using Amazon Connect and other AWS services. The solution requires the caller to match a randomly generated three digit code to avoid automated spam calls.

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