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Adopting new technologies can help enterprises transform their business processes to increase productivity and profitability. Gartner identified five technologies enterprises should consider adopting to reach new business capabilities.

The five technologies identified by Gartner include digital humans, satellite communications, tiny ambient IoT, secure computation, and autonomic robots.

The technologies were chosen because of their wide scope and ability to transform organization's digital futures.

Nanometer-thick HFIL-OH lubricant is being made in partnership with Seagate

The next generation of HDDs, based on a technology known as heat-assisted magnetic recording (HAMR), could see significant performance gains thanks to an innovative media lubricant.

HAMR HDDs, developed by the likes of Seagate, have just hit the market after years of conceptualization, testing and prototyping; and hopes are high. In December 2020, Japanese researchers managed to tweak HAMR to deliver storage density that would allow 100TB HDD with the first 30TB HAMR HDDs shipping in April. Seagate also confirmed that 50TB hard drives are on its roadmap (before 2026).

In 2022, leaders in the U.S. military technology and cybersecurity community said that they considered 2023 to be the 'reset year' for quantum computing.

They estimated the time it will take to make systems quantum-safe will match the time that the first quantum computers that threaten their security will become available: both around four to six years. It is vital that industry leaders quickly start to understand the security issues around quantum computing and take action to resolve the issues that will arise when this powerful technology surfaces.

Thunderbolt 5 Will Support 120 Gbps, Coming In 2024
How-To Geek, Tuesday, September 12,2023
Thunderbolt is the high-bandwidth connectivity standard of choice for external graphics cards, high-resolution monitors, and other plug-in devices that need faster data speeds than USB can provide. Today, Intel revealed Thunderbolt 5, the latest version of the standard that will start to appear on computers and accessories in 2024.

Intel said in a press release, "Bandwidth needs of content creators, gamers and professionals are increasing significantly. These users want high-resolution displays and low-latency visuals while working with increasingly larger video and data files. Thunderbolt 5 has been designed to massively improve connectivity speed and bandwidth to ensure modern PC users can enjoy the highest-quality visuals and immersive experiences for years to come."

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