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Are HDDs greener than SSDs?
Networkworld, Tuesday, September 12,2023
Operationally, solid state drives (SSD) use less power. But research finds the manufacturing process is tilted in favor of hard disk drives (HDD).

Here's a wrinkle in corporate environmental efforts. Futurum Research is backing a recently published academic paper that suggests hard disk drives (HDD) could be greener than solid state drives (SSD) when taking into consideration the manufacturing process.

The paper in question is called 'The Dirty Secret of SSDs: Embodied Carbon' and was published last year by Swamit Tannu, computer science professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Prashant J. Nair, an assistant computer science professor at the University of British Columbia.

The paper states that the biggest carbon emissions happen at the time of manufacture, with production of SSDs generating much more carbon than disk drives of equal capacity.

Ctera Vault Locks Up Critical Data With WORM Tech
Search Storage, Tuesday, September 12,2023
File gateway vendors are looking to differentiate themselves in the market, with Ctera eyeing regulated industries by protecting data with a suite of cybersecurity features.

Ctera Network's latest feature locks customer data in place by applying write once, read many technology to object storage.

Ctera Vault, available today, will add new cybersecurity and data protection features to the vendor's file gateway technology in the coming months, according to the company. The platform caches business-critical data on premises through a global file namespace for fast access and tiers colder data to cheaper object storage in public and private clouds.

The first and lone feature of Vault adds write once, read many (WORM) lock capabilities to customer data alongside a suite of management tools to control retention periods and administrative role privileges. Vault is included for customers subscribed to capacity pricing and above.

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