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How Enterprises can Migrate from IPv4 to IPv6
Search Networking, Friday, September 15,2023
Both IPv4 and IPv6 are suitable for enterprise networks, but organizations that want to switch over to the latest IP address format can follow a few methods to make the transition.

Enterprise networks that run on IP version 4, or IPv4, could be missing out on the enhancements found in IPv6. While a transition from IPv4 to IPv6 takes time and effort, organizations can evaluate a few methods to decide whether to make the switch.

The case for IPv4

IPv4 isn't the most modern type of IP address format, but it remains the most commonly used format among organizations. Several reasons exist for why an organization might prefer to stick with IPv4 rather than transition to IPv6.

Supply Chain Easing Creates Ethernet Switching Boom
The Next Platform, Wednesday, September 13,2023
There are a lot of things going on in the datacenter and campus interconnect markets, but one of the weirder things we observe from the most recent market data coming out of IDC about the Ethernet portion of this market is that it is like a country music record being played backwards.

You know what happens in such a reverse song: The truck starts to run again, the dog comes back, and the girl comes back, too.

In the Ethernet version of a country song playing backwards, Cisco Systems is growing a lot faster than the market and Juniper Networks is growing almost as fast as the market, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Arista Networks are growing faster than the market at large. It's like the last decade didn't happen or something, and it is weird.

Separately, Wi-Fi and 5G are amazing technologies. When used together, they are unleashing incredible capabilities for enterprises, as in 1+1=3.

It's Wednesday afternoon. A severe thunderstorm is forecasted to roll through your suburb in the next hour. As it nears, your electricity goes out. Fortunately, your cell phone still works. That's because the 5G technology powering your phone remains intact, giving you a reassuring sense of security and an open line of communication with weather updates, friends and family during the storm.

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