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For once, the boss rescued IT from a revolting customer

Welcome once again to On Call, The Register's weekly reader-contributed column that recounts readers' stories from the frontlines of tech support.

This week, meet a reader we'll Regomize as "Ogden," who shared a story from a couple of decades back when he worked for a young firm that sold mobile phone ringtones, wallpapers, and the like.

Some of the shop's digital tat was not safe for work (NSFW), as it featured images of pretty people in provocative poses. Those running the shopfront were mindful not to advertise those images widely, reserving promotion for publications that are completely unsafe for work - and probably best not left in public places.

A subtle change to a vital piece of equipment almost derailed a major project

Welcome once again gentle reader to another Monday morning, and with it an instalment of Who, Me? in which Reg readers cushion your entry to the working week with tales of things going not quite right.

This week meet "Nikolai" who spent some time in the mid-1980s working on some fancy bespoke communications solutions. On the project in question Nikolai was employing two very expensive microprocessor emulators - because you need one at each end to demonstrate a comms solution, of course.

Underlining the rarity and expense of these emulators, Nikolai tells us there were only three of them in the country at the time, and he had two thirds of the supply. He doesn't spell out what the other one was doing - probably not comms, we're guessing.

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