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AI: The Future Brain Of Contact Centers
Destination CRM, Thursday, September 14,2023
Debates about the power and danger of artificial intelligence (AI) abound, but both the issues and practical realities are nuanced. No person or government is going to stop the AI revolution, and regulating it is going to be very difficult.

Trying to limit AI is akin to limiting human ingenuity, and that will not (and should not) happen.

While the pundits are concentrating on the potential dangers of AI, there is a strong positive side to the equation: AI is and will continue to drive tremendous advancements and innovation in most aspects of our lives, including healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, telecom, education, government, transportation, and many other areas. But the benefits do not come without risks, and as with anything new and innovative, it will be up to society to ensure that AI is used properly.

Technologies Transforming Customer Service By 2028
FutureCIO, Wednesday, September 13,2023
Generative AI, digital customer service, and conversational user interfaces (CUIs) will transform customer service and support by 2028.

'The common theme of these three technologies is their ability to streamline the customer journey and enable customer service leaders to meet customers' growing expectations,' said Drew Kraus, VP Analyst in the Gartner Customer Service and Support practice. 'Within the next five years, we expect these technologies to change the face of customer service and support.'

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