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Apple unveiled the next generation of mobile and wearable devices that people can't wait to get their hands-on, including the next major OS release - iOS 17. iOS 17 is scheduled to be released on September 18, 2023.

The good news: Citrix Endpoint Management is ready to support iOS 17 on Day 0. Our development team has been closely monitoring and testing the early access releases to ensure no major blockers were experienced for our Citrix Secure Hub client and Citrix mobile productivity apps - such as Citrix Secure Mail and Citrix Secure Web, as well as Citrix Endpoint Management cloud and on-premises.

Citrix has seen a lot of change over the years, but what I've loved about 2023 so far is our enhanced commitment to getting back to basics and doing what Citrix does best.

We deliver secure high-performing apps and desktops to all of your users regardless of location, device, or network connection. Simple, right? But simple is the new sophisticated, and we are in constant pursuit to deliver the best experience to your users while meeting you where you are in your deployment journey.

A month back, we introduced the new, modern user interface for Citrix cloud users in public tech preview. This was accompanied with a new feature, called Activity Manager.

We are incredibly excited to announce that the Activity Manager is now available for anyone leveraging the new sleek and modern Citrix UI! If you have not already tried out Activity Manager, I urge you to do so. The feature is multi-functional at its core. While it empowers your end users, it also eases the life of your help desk and administrators.

Historically, one of the key functionalities provided by Citrix Cloud Connectors is to connect on-premises Active Directory (AD) infrastructure to the Citrix Cloud console without the need for additional AD trusts.

This might be done so that the AD can be used as an Identity Provider (IdP) for adding VDAs to Machine Catalogs in DaaS, for creating machine identities when using Citrix Machine Creation Service (MCS), as part of a WEM solution, when using Kerberos to authenticate with a WebApp through SPA, or in numerous other scenarios.

Some of these use cases rely on other components in the Cloud Connector, such as the Broker Service for registering VDAs or MCS hypervisor plugins for provisioning VDAs to on-prem hypervisors. Even so, we are seeing many situations in which Citrix customers can make use of the advantages of the Connector Appliance in their environments, instead of leveraging the Cloud Connector.

The Future Of Audio For Real-Time Communications
Citrix News, Friday, September 15,2023
In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, IT departments are at the forefront of ensuring seamless remote work capabilities for organizations.

The rise of the 'hybrid office' model, where employees are no longer tethered to a physical office space, has brought forth both opportunities and challenges. While this model offers flexibility, it also demands robust, high-quality, real-time audio communications to facilitate personal and business critical interactions.

For IT professionals, ensuring consistent and high-quality audio becomes important especially when employees are connecting from varied locations, often via public WiFi networks.

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