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At the recent Storage Field Day event, Solidigm presented the new D5-P5430, a massively dense NVMe QLC SSD available on the new E3.S EDSFF, U.2 and E1.S form factors. The launch was coordinated with Supermicro, an early adopter of the EDSFF specification that recently introduced a new server family offering support for E3.S SSDs.

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From a capacity standpoint, the solution is very appealing. The new range of Supermicro servers accept up to 30.72E3.S EDSFF SSDs. Considering the announced capacity of 30.72 TB per single Solidigm D5-P5430 E3.S SSD, a fully populated 2U chassis provides 983 TB of raw capacity.

The scalability benefits of the solution are noteworthy too. The EDSFF form factor was developed by an industry consortium in collaboration with the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) to address longstanding issues and inefficiencies of standard storage form factors that were inherited from the mechanic hard disk drive era.

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