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Automation Could Buy You A 23-Day Vacation
Salesforce News, Friday, May 19,2023
But a new survey of 18,000 workers shows 1 in 3 are merely pushing papers. Here are 4 quick tips to help your company use automation and AI to boost productivity

It turns out the new way of working looks a lot like the old way. New research shows we're still wasting time doing things that don't add value to our companies or our careers. And we're missing opportunities to be more productive, like making better use of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation to speed up our most time-consuming, repetitive tasks.

The employee view

The latest Slack State of Work Report is based on a global survey of more than 18,000 workers. It shows that even as many companies talk about the need to become more efficient, they're not necessarily equipping employees with the tools to make it happen.

Customer intimacy is all about discovering what matters most to each customer, and delivering that experience every time.

Customer intimacy, the marketing strategy that helps you make powerful connections with your customers, is not new. The unconventional term has been around for three decades: Harvard Business Review wrote about it in 1993, Forbes caught up with it 10 years later, and today, we're still talking about it. What is customer intimacy, and why is it relevant now?

Although the definition has shifted with the digital landscape, the basic concept of customer intimacy - building relationships through personalization, consistency, and outstanding experiences - has stayed the same. What's changed? Consumers have more choices than ever. Showing that you understand them on a deeper level is critical to your company's success and differentiation.

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