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4 Key Unified Communications Security Threats To Watch For
Seearch Unified Communications, Thursday, May 18,2023
Keeping your unified communications system safe requires tools that are specifically geared to voice and video apps. Learn how to take a multilayered approach to UC security.

As reliance on unified communications, or UC, continues to grow across businesses large and small, so does its importance. Keeping your UC infrastructure secure is a fundamental part of the equation.

Like all security, unified communications security requires a multilayered approach to be effective. If you've outsourced your UC to a third-party provider -- say, through UC as a service -- protection will be its responsibility.

Seeing the new film "Blackberry" was a trip down memory and wireless history lane. As an industry analyst, I worked with RIM and all of the pioneering smartphone companies.

I was also a VP at Verizon at a critical time depicted in the film - when the Blackberry was peaking and when the iPhone was first introduced in early 2007. So it was also interesting to see how accurately real events are portrayed.

First off, let me just say that this is a really entertaining movie. Even non-techies will find it both fun and enlightening. The style I'd say is a blend of "Social Network"/"Moneyball"/"Air" with the edge and sassiness of the "Big Short." And it's a better film, in my view, than the also entertaining but more flawed "Air," the recent Affleck-Damon flick about Nike.

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