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IT departments must now take steps to embrace SASE as traditional network architectures were never designed for the cloud.

For decades, organizations have relied on traditional architecture to secure their network based on firewalls and other perimeter defenses. As organizations massively moved their workloads to the cloud, users are now accessing sensitive data in the cloud through unsecured links, outside of the corporate network perimeter and from any device. This trend has accelerated as hybrid working has become the new normal.

Traditional architectures were centered around a perimeter-based security model, with the data center as the central hub for all network traffic. This architecture forced IT departments to backhaul traffic to the data center for security reasons, significantly impacting cloud application performance.

9 Ways To Make Network Modernization Work
Search Networking, Thursday, May 18,2023
More cloud computing, container networking and network capacity are some of the ways businesses could modernize their networks. AI and automation can help, too.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced enterprises to rethink their network infrastructure, pausing some initiatives and accelerating others as the need for digital transformation became glaringly apparent.

Clearly, data center strategies needed to change as the enterprise network became the focal point for many companies. Some companies have gently appealed to workers to return to the office, but hybrid work environments have persisted, continuing to put pressure on network modernization projects.

The industry is excited to implement Wi-Fi 6E with all the new devices coming out. Even with regulatory challenges the world is ready for faster connectivity and more reliable signal.

But those same regulatory challenges are just part of the myriad of issues. Standards bodies, marketing teams, and even users themselves are asking why it's taking so long to implement Wi-Fi 6E even after it has been brought to market faster than any Wi-Fi standard in the past. Is that because we gave up too many things to get it here? In this episode, Tom Hollingsworth talks to Sam Clements, Avril Salter, and Mario Gingras to find out whether Wi-Fi 6E got here so fast because we left so much of it behind.

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