Expert Roundtable: Data Security, Trust, and Privacy for Analytics in the Cloud (June 8th)
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As enterprise and cloud data growth continues, opportunities are appearing to leverage next-generation SSDs in new server form factors to improve capability and sustainability. This Gestalt IT Tech Talks Roundtable features Tahmid Rahman of Solidigm, Patrick Chiu of Supermicro, discussing next-generation SSD with Max Mortillaro, Andy Banta, and Stephen Foskett of Gestalt IT.

Today's SSDs have a new form factor called EDSFF or E3 for increased density as well as next-generation NVMe protocol support for high performance, low latency, and new capabilities. Solidigm is developing specialized SSDs to meet real-world workload demands from AI and analytics applications with the right mix of performance and density.

Specific use cases include dense object storage, content delivery networks and streaming media, and online application processing. D5-P5430 is the first E3 SSD from Solidigm with improved density, thermal efficiency, and signal integrity for future PCIe Gen 5 and 6 products.

As data piles high in distributed environments, hackers are increasingly targeting backup systems to make off with classified information. The worry that critical data will be exposed to bad actors deepens every day, keeping enterprise security teams sleepless at night.

A New Trend

One of the leading causes of data exfiltration in organizations is ransomware attack. Studies conducted on the recent wave of ransomware attacks against businesses show that attackers are employing double extortion tactic to exploit targets.

As soon as cybercriminals have access to a mission-critical data stack, they encrypt it maliciously, making it inaccessible to the organization. They then hold it for a ransom. The organization has a short window to pay the ransom money and get the asset back, failing which, the attackers publish the information on dark web, or sell it to the highest bidders.

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