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Consuming Edge-As-A-Service With Sunlight
Gestalt IT, Monday, May 15,2023
The rapid infusion of technology across sectors has brought to life a new paradigm that we know as the edge. Growing at a rapid pace, the edge is fueled by advances in high-performance connectivity, and low-powered compute. IT leaders are increasingly seeing its potential to drive business value.

Already a majority of businesses have their one foot in the edge without realizing it. Inside factories, AI computer vision apps are being used to identify risks and improve safety in industrial environments. Retail warehouses are tracking inventory, doing defect control, and managing production flows using automation.

But as the ecosystem is expanding, the edge infrastructure is buckling under the weight, and organizations are scrambling to keep up with the demands.

What Is Edge Computing? Everything You Need To Know
Search Data Center, Saturday, May 20,2023
Edge computing is a distributed information technology (IT) architecture in which client data is processed at the periphery of the network, as close to the originating source as possible.

Data is the lifeblood of modern business, providing valuable business insight and supporting real-time control over critical business processes and operations. Today's businesses are awash in an ocean of data, and huge amounts of data can be routinely collected from sensors and IoT devices operating in real time from remote locations and inhospitable operating environments almost anywhere in the world.

There is a long-standing gulf between developers and operations, let alone infrastructure, and this is made worse by the scale and limitations of edge computing.

This episode of Utilizing Edge features Carl Moberg of Avassa discussing the application-first mindset of developers with Brian Chambers and Stephen Foskett. As we've been discussing, it's critical to standardize infrastructure to make them supportable at the edge, yet we also must make platforms that are attractive to application owners.

The Internet of Things has significantly stirred up interest in the topic of edge computing in recent years. The fact is that edge computing has high hopes for unleashing the potential of ever-increasing volume of data that is produced by IoT devices.

By 2025, this volume is expected to reach a whopping 73.1 ZB, but to extract value from it, data flows respectively need to be competently allocated, managed and analyzed. Edge devices might be helpful here.

As statistics show, edge computing is already used in most IoT applications in one way or another. Going beyond routers and firewalls, edge computing allows you to perform smart automation and predictive maintenance, optimize the data lifecycle and, therefore, reduce costs.

Leveraging a distributed-computing environment that optimizes data exchange as well as data storage saves bandwidth for a swift data experience.

As companies look to modernize their vehicles, the benefits of connected vehicles could make them the new standard, with particular benefits related to fleet management. In fact, 86% of connected-fleet operators reported a solid return on their investment in connected-fleet technology within one year through reduced operational costs.

Furthermore, connected fleets with advanced telematics technology offer additional benefits in terms of managing and maintaining vehicles. Another study illustrated a 13% reduction in fuel costs, along with improvements to preventive maintenance.

Top 10 Outstanding Edge Computing Platforms Of 2023
Analytics Insight, Saturday, May 20,2023
Get ahead of the curve and discover the top 10 outstanding edge computing platforms

Edge computing is becoming increasingly popular as a way to process data in real-time and reduce latency by bringing computing closer to the source of the data. With the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the need for faster processing speeds, edge computing platforms are becoming essential for businesses of all sizes. In this article, we'll take a look at the top 10 outstanding edge computing platforms of 2023.

Businesses all over the world are struggling to grasp the confounding complexities around the edge. Although the world at the edge had always existed in the form of shops and stores, the recent infusion of technology at these sites has forced businesses to engage with IT solutions in a way that is new and precipitous.

The Edge Is Everywhere

There is a growing concern that the cornucopia of advantages that the edge promises is slipping out of hands of companies that are not at tech's leading edge.

CIOs say that managing edge infrastructure at scale is becoming increasingly expensive, requiring high-level of expertise on-site, leaving many companies unable to leverage the merits of the edge.

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