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Mandiant M-Trends 2023 (May 23 & May 24)
Tuesday, May 23rd, 2023: 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Join two of Mandiant's top threat analysts on May 23, 2023 at 11:00am EST as they walk you through what these findings mean and how they can significantly affect your security approach.

May 23, 2023 - May 24, 2023 2 Episodes - 11:00am EDT

The M-Trends 2023 report is packed with timely data from Mandiant's frontline incident response investigations and unparalleled threat intelligence, offering an inside look into trending response metrics and attacker operations from some of the most impactful breaches around the world.

Topics for discussion will include:

  • Global and Regional Dwell Times
  • Detection by Source Trends
  • Industry Targeting Metrics
  • New and Notable Threat Groups
  • Top Infection Vectors and Malware Families
  • Most Prevalent Attacker Techniques
  • And more! .less

Hosted by Mandiant

In this webinar, experts discuss the tools and processes involved in mounting a network defense using DNS. Learn how to avoid the pitfalls associated with adding a DNS security approach to your enterprise security strategy.

DNS is a critical part of the organization's digital infrastructure, but also one of the least understood. How can organizations protect their DNS infrastructure from attack? How can organizations use DNS to defend themselves against modern threats?

During this webinar you will:

  • Find out about the latest ways threat actors are leveraging DNS for cyberattacks including, domain hijacking, DNS tunneling, and denial of service (DoS).
  • Get professional advice about how to use DNS on the front lines of protection against phishing and other common attacks.
  • Dig into the challenges of securing DNS infrastructure and the tools available to help.

Presented live by featured speakers Jonathan Care & Srikrupa Srivatsan. Moderated by Becky Bracken.

Hosted by DARKReading

To meet the demands of faster and more efficient application delivery, developers need to be empowered to keep security top of mind. This webinar explores the latest research findings on how organizations can get security right with effective tooling and clean coding practices.

Application security practices have certainly matured over the last decade with DevSecOps. However, they are yet to completely adapt to today's agile software development workflow. In fact, most application security testing is still primarily a slow post-development activity. But what is hindering the transformation?

Register today to hear about:

  • Proactive approaches to security with the developer in mind
  • The implications of code quality to the security of code
  • Educating and empowering developers to own and care about security
  • The benefit to development and security teams
  • Answers to audience questions during live Q&A

Hosted by blackhat

DevOps: Security in AI (May 31st)
Wednesday, May 31st, 2023: 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM
The proliferation of new machine learning and AI tools has expanded attack surfaces and introduced new ways to exploit systems. Within days of OpenAI's generative AI tool ChatGPT coming online, people managed to exploit it to get around rules, run virtual machines, execute code, write malware and more.

New machine learning models are more powerful than ever, and while AI/ML can be a powerful tool to fight against cyberattacks, bad actors are simultaneously using it to launch sophisticated attacks. The next decade will see an arms race between attackers and defenders, both assisted by AI/ML-enabled systems. In this episode, we dig into how and why.

Hosted by DevOps

CSO's Future of Cybersecurity Summit (June 8th)
Thursday, June 8th, 2023: 11:30 PM to 5:10 PM ET
Cybercrime, ransomware, phishing - cyber threats continue to escalate as businesses become more digital, the economy continues to waver, and the security skills shortage shows no sign of abating. How do you decide where to deploy your precious resources across a vast and high-stakes landscape?

CSO's Future of Cybersecurity is here to help you chart that course. Our playbook on making smart choices to manage risk, prepare for breach management and educate your organization will give you the tools you need to be resilient in today's volatile environment. You'll learn about the latest defenses and where to spend those hard-won security dollars. We'll share what's next, including the risks of emerging technologies from generative AI to quantum computing.

Hosted by CSO

Join us June 8, 2023 at Noon Eastern for a virtual roundtable where our panel of experts from Snowflake, Satori, and Monte Carlo will explore "Data Security, Trust, and Privacy for Analytics in the Cloud." Registration is quick and free, so sign-up now to watch the live event.

Guarding against unauthorized access to sensitive corporate data is a priority, whether your organization is engaged in a cloud-oriented digital transformation effort, a data architecture modernization imitative, or is cloud-native from the get-go. Yet data volumes continue to explode, and enterprise data landscapes are becoming increasingly distributed. Ensuring compliance with data policies governing accessibility to sensitive data is increasingly complex. Without instituting the right tools, processes, and practices, data protection becomes unscalable and ultimately unsustainable.

There are ways to alleviate the anxiety of data security, trust, and privacy in the cloud. In this roundtable discussion, our panelists will share their experiences, discuss best practices for integrating technology solutions, and offer guidance for establishing a sustainable information risk program for ensuring the governed accessibility to sensitive corporate data.

Hosted by Solutions Review

DevOps: DevSecOps (June 12th)
Monday, June 12th, 2023: 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM
DevSecOps best practices are increasingly being adopted to better secure software supply chains.

The challenge, as always, is finding ways to optimize these processes so that developers will embrace them and so that the rate at which applications are being built and deployed doesn't slow down. DevSecOps brings application development teams and cybersecurity teams together to shift application security further left as seamlessly as possible.

  • RHYS ARKINS - Vice President of Product Management -
  • NEIL CARPENTER - Principal Technical Evangelist - Orca Security
  • OM VYAS - CEO and Co-Founder - oak9
  • JOHN MORTON - Field CTO - Britive
  • MIKE VIZARD - Chief Content Officer - Techstrong Group

Hosted by DevOps

DARKReading: Here's What Zero Trust Really Means (June 13th)
Tuesday, June 13th, 2023: 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM
In this webinar, learn how to implement the zero-trust philosophy into practice, how to overcome challenges along the way, and what benefits you'll realize right away. See what the zero-trust journey would look like for your organization.

Credential theft, lateral movement and other cyberattack tricks have foiled perimeter security again and again. We know that the old philosophy of trusting everything and everyone inside a network is no longer sound. The zero-trust model - trust nothing, verify everything - is the proposed answer to this problem. In this webinar, learn how to implement the zero-trust philosophy into practice, how to overcome challenges along the way, and what benefits you'll realize right away. See what the zero-trust journey would look like for your organization.

Hosted by DARKReading

CSA: How to Fortify Your Salesforce Ecosystem Security (June 20th)
Tuesday, June 20th, 2023: 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Nearly every enterprise relies on Salesforce to manage customer relationships and build new applications designed to drive business outcomes and innovation. But a secure Salesforce environment requires more than configuration management to mitigate a SaaS breach.

Overlooking the shared responsibility during implementation and in everyday operations can lead to potential risks. Salesforce admins, security practitioners, and IT teams need visibility into Salesforce security settings - along with the plug-ins and SaaS-to-SaaS apps connected to it - to remediate issues promptly and decisively.

Join Salesforce Security Technical Architect Rachel Beard and AppOmni CTO & Co-Founder Brian Soby to learn:

  • The details and implications of the SaaS security shared responsibility model
  • Why proactive event monitoring and alerts for prevention are essential
  • Methods for detecting configuration drifts and over-permissioned users
  • How to sequence the event and alerts within Salesforce and its SaaS ecosystem for breach detection and remediation

Hosted by CSA

A full-day virtual event on the missteps and vulnerabilities that lead to security incidents and breaches - and how to respond to an attack.

As the saying goes, it's not a matter of 'if' your organization will suffer a cyberattack: it's a matter of 'when.' That conventional wisdom amid today's complicated and active threat landscape may seem overwhelming, but knowing the most common vulnerabilities and oversights that threat actors typically abuse - as well as the best practices for responding to a security incident -- can make all the difference in protecting your sensitive data from an attacker who has made their way into your network. Is your organization ready to respond when a cyber attacker intrudes?

This free, one-day online conference in Q2 2023, produced by the editors of Dark Reading, offers a look at some of the most common vulnerabilities that lead to enterprise data breaches, as well as the latest tools and best practices for incident response.

Hosted by DARKReading

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