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Egress, a cybersecurity company that provides intelligent email security, released its Email Security Risk Report 2023. The report uncovers findings that demonstrate the prevalence of inbound and outbound email security incidents in Microsoft 365, with 92% of organizations falling victim to successful phishing attacks in the last 12 months, while 91% of organizations admit they have experienced email data loss.

Not surprisingly, 99% of cybersecurity leaders confess to being stressed about email security. Specifically, 98% are frustrated with their Secure Email Gateway (SEG), with 53% conceding that too many phishing attacks bypass it.

'The growing sophistication of phishing emails is a major threat to organizations and needs to be urgently addressed,' said Jack Chapman, VP of Threat Intelligence, Egress.

Email is the most used communication channel across the globe. But, even then, if you look at an email from a decade ago and compare it with one from today, you'll notice that emails haven't changed much. While all the other communication channels have evolved at speed, email has been the odd boomer amongst the Millenials.

Experts were even raising alarms that the email had gone dead or would work for sure in a decade!

Fast Forward to 2019. This year, Google released AMP for email for the Gmail web app. This release could include AMP components like forms, carousels, accordions, and more inside the email.

Creating a dynamic email experience became easy. AMP emails started making CTA buttons, and redirects blush with the prospect of all the actions now possible right inside emails. One could interact and act inside an email with an AMP email. Now, let that idea sink in!

Business Email Compromise: 3 Steps To Reduce Risk
Security Boulevard, March 8th, 2023
Email has been a popular delivery of malware and risk for decades.The first phishing schemes took place in the 1990s, and phishing techniques have only become more sophisticated in the decades since. It's particularly popular among criminals now; since 2019, the use of phishing scams has increased by 300%.

The reason for the increase? Despite the proliferation of easy-to-spot scams (Nigerian princes, for example) phishing works.

One of the most lucrative forms of phishing is business email compromise (BEC). According to the FBI, businesses worldwide lost more than $43 billion to BEC scams between July 2019 and December 2021. In fact, BEC scams made more money for threat actors than ransomware; In 2021, BEC attacks caused total losses of $2.4 billion in the US, while ransomware was the cause of just $49.2 million in losses the same year.

This article explores business email compromise, including what it is, why it's used, and how you can reduce its impact on your organization.

All firms are getting worried over email security, report finds

We're all getting more stressed about email(opens in new tab) security and the risks malicious messages pose, a new report from Egress has claimed.

According to the cybersecurity firm, 99% of cybersecurity leaders are stressed about email security, mostly being frustrated with Secure Email Gateway (98%). In fact, more than half (53%) worry that too many phishing emails make it past the SEG.

For Jack Chapman, VP of Threat Intelligence at Egress, things are only going to get worse, as cybercriminals are constantly evolving their methods, with the use of AI-powered technologies to draft convincing emails at scale that latest big concern.

Netcore Cloud, a profitable SaaS company and global leader in customer communication, engagement, and retention, today announced the release of its third edition of Email Benchmark Report 2023.

The report analyzes over 100 billion emails and showcases an in-depth, multi-metric analysis of emails across 20 major industries, including BFSI, Retail and eCommerce, Beauty, Food, Entertainment, and Media.

The report highlights how email has prevailed to be one of the most effective ways to connect with consumers across brands. It also reveals proven strategies to overcome email marketing challenges in different verticals and the key areas to focus on for improvement.

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