No jitter: Making AI Work for You: The importance of purpose-built AI for CX (March 20th)
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In what might become a regular segment, we cover important advances in tech that signal changes in markets and policies.

This time, we discuss the iPhone moment in AI and the ensuing AI gold rush, virtual quantum computers, and how silicon photonics can change the chip industry.

In what may become a regular segment of the @HPCpodcast, Shahin and Doug cover important recent developments in HPC and AI that signal changes in markets and policies. Always, we keep an eye on where these developments fit into the big picture, what it all means.

This time, we look at what may be AI's 'iPhone moment' (you guessed it: ChatGPT) and the ensuing AI gold rush that's been gaining massive investment momentum since about 2015, much to the happiness of NVIDIA shareholders; virtual quantum computers; and how advances in silicon photonics could change the chip - and therefore the technology - industry. I.e., change the world.

Welcome back to the insideBIGDATA series of podcast presentations, a curated collection of topics relevant to our global audience. We bring you compelling topics of the day including: big data, data science, machine learning, AI, and deep learning. Enjoy!

Today's guest is Supreet Kaur, Assistant Vice President at Morgan Stanley. She's spent the last five years working in data spaces across financial services and life sciences, along with essential advocacy work in mentoring a diverse next generation of data science leaders. In conversation with Emerj CEO Daniel Faggella, Supreet tells business leaders three metrics they need to measure their enterprise AI success. Later, they dissect common approaches to ROI from leadership and IT teams that are at odds with AI adoption's experimental nature.

As a CIO, understanding the cloud ecosystem is essential for leveraging cloud computing for digital transformation, agility, and innovation.

To understand why the ecosystem is so important for any move to the cloud, we spoke with the head of Strategic Ecosystem & Industry Solutions at VMware, Zia Yusuf.

During the conversation, Zia explains the cloud ecosystem, why it's a challenging issue for many CIOs, and offers advice for migration planning and investing in the cloud

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