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Citrix News

Over the past few months, you may have heard about some significant changes to Citrix. Most notably, Citrix Systems went private in September of 2022 and became a business unit of Cloud Software Group.

Now, naturally you're asking yourself, 'What does this mean for me?' And honestly, that's a fair question. After all, tech companies are restructuring and merging at a regular occurrence these days, and it often doesn't alter much from a customer perspective.

However, in this case, Citrix going private means many positive, tangible changes are coming to our customers. With this new structure, the Citrix business unit of Cloud Software Group now has the flexibility and autonomy to focus on our core strength: providing an enterprise platform for app and desktop delivery. And that doesn't just mean Windows apps. We're evolving the platform itself to support and secure the growing number of enterprise web and SaaS apps critical to your business.

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