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Scale-Out HCI is not Enough
Storage Switzerland, January 18th, 2023
Scale-out is the primary focus of most hyperconverged infrastructures (HCI), but scale-out HCI is not enough to deliver a more cost-effective and easier-to-operate data center.

HCI vendors claim to offer scale-out by adding nodes to increase computing power, networking bandwidth, and storage performance/capacity. As VergeIO points out in its latest blog, 'Scaling Infrastructure in Three Dimensions,' scale-out infrastructure is not enough. HCI doesn't scale out very large. It also can't scale small or scale vertically.

However, I want to add another scale dimension to the mix, 'depth.' Depth of scale ensures that each node within the infrastructure is used to its maximum potential before adding another node. Like the other dimensions of scale, HCI needs to improve depth of scale and is something that Ultraconverged Infrastructure (UCI) possesses almost uniquely.

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