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Don't Risk Falling Behind On ESG
Oracle News, January 20th, 2023
Environmental Social Governance (ESG) is increasingly being regarded as the standard way to measure a firm's sustainability.

Not only is it a reporting requirement for investors, but for many individuals, it is also an indication that an organisation's social standards align with its beliefs. Both prospective and current employees agree they want to work for a company with a diverse and socially conscious workforce.

A recent survey conducted by Oracle and Pamela Rucker, CIO Advisor, and Instructor for Harvard Professional Development, found that:

  • Nearly 70% of respondents said they would leave their current company to work for one that takes ESG more seriously
  • 83% of respondents said they would work for companies that acted on ESG

These figures highlight the growing importance of a coherent ESG program, especially when it comes to social implications.

Data-center IT teams must balance the need to consume less electrical power with the need to use power-hungry next-gen silicon, Uptime Institute says.

Cutting-edge server chips are turning heads for their potential to boost performance, but next-generation processors also run hotter than older designs, and data-center operators will struggle to figure out what to do with limited guidance from chip makers.

At the same time, there's going to be increased scrutiny on the role that IT equipment can play in energy efficiency efforts. These interrelated trends are among the top predictions Uptime Institute is making for data centers this year.

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