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Cloud backup vs. traditional backup is an important discussion. Although the cloud backup market is soaring, traditional backup players also have much to offer your organization.

Cloud backup has made it possible for organizations of any size to improve their data protection. At the same time, traditional local backup still has its place in the storage world.

In the cloud backup vs. local backup debate, both options have their advantages and disadvantages. Often, the decision of using one or the other -- or, in some instances, both -- comes down to an organization's specific needs.

This article shines a spotlight on data backups, exploring how this vital practice has evolved over the years, and how ever-more sophisticated data loss threats drive the continual push for innovative new capabilities and procedures to keep organisations ahead of the game.

NAKIVO's Sergei Serdyuk provides best practice tips to help prevent data loss, and highlights the biggest mistake companies make when it comes to planning data backups.

Over the past 20 years, data sizes have multiplied, as organisations continue to create and store countless terabytes of data every day. With larger datasets comes an increased demand for more efficient backup techniques that legacy backup solutions cannot provide.

What can you do to prevent data backup failure? Learn how using the 3-2-1 rule, turning to cloud backup and following other practical steps can help protect your data.

Backups are central to any data protection strategy, and they are critical to any disaster recovery plan. Unfortunately, backup failure is all too common. The inability to restore part, or even all, of an existing backup can cripple a business, ruin its reputation and leave it vulnerable to regulatory violations. When you look at the reasons for failure, the same issues come up again and again.

Keep your organization's data safe by learning five common causes of backup failure and what steps you can take to prevent them.

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