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Top 5 Vulnerability Scanning Tools For Security Teams
SearchSecurity, November 17th, 2022
November 17, 2022,
Volume 296, Issue 3

Use these five vulnerability scanning tools to find weaknesses and potential exploits in web applications, IT and cloud infrastructure, IoT devices and more.

Vulnerability scanning tools enable organizations to search for and discover potential weaknesses within their environment.

Such tools have changed since debuting about 30 years ago. In the beginning, there were two basic types of vulnerability scanners. One scanned the internal network to find hosts on the network, determine what network ports were open and potentially "fingerprint" each host by studying its network behavior to pinpoint its OS and OS version. The other type of vulnerability scanning tool ran on individual hosts, often with local administrator credentials, to get a more comprehensive picture of what software each host was running and what known vulnerabilities were in that software.

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