Security Boulevard: Best Practices to Secure Your Software Supply Chain (Feb. 22nd)

Hidden IT gems: From bootcamps to internal skills marketplaces, companies are discovering tech talent where they wouldn't expect it.

A bank teller, a marketer, and an operations product owner at TruStone Financial Credit Union each had a knack for technology, but they didn't think it would lead to a job in the IT department. Yet all three are now on CIO Gary Jeter's IT team, and not because he's desperate for bodies. Formal and informal programs at the credit union help Jeter find hidden IT gems inside the 600-person organization.

The majority of tech professionals - 60% - ranked fully remote as their most-desired workplace setting in a Dice report released Tuesday. That's up from 53% last year.

Apple made headlines in August, merely by trying to coax workers back to the office three days per week, an effort that yielded public pushback by employees.

Other companies are doing the same, according to the report. Nearly 7 in 10 employers are focused on future plans for a hybrid work environment and are offering employees back-to-office incentives.

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