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Email is the oldest online communication method, with 57 years of history.

When inventing the first version of email in 1965, researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology couldn't have imagined it would become so essential in human and technological progress.

But as email has evolved, it has become the most common target for cyberattacks.

Today, organizations continue to experience phishing attacks costing millions of dollars in damages each year.

That's why email security plays a crucial role in today's business communications. At its core, DMARC, DKIM, and SPF are the three musketeers that save the day.

Top Enterprise Email Threats And How To Counter Them
HelpNet Security, November 15th, 2022
A research from Tessian, the State of Email Security Report, found that enterprise email is now the No. 1 threat vector for cyberattacks.

According to the report, 94% of organizations experienced a spear phishing or impersonation attack, and 92% suffered ransomware attacks over email this year

Organizations send and receive thousands of emails per day, making email a massive vulnerability for the enterprise and opening the door for advanced attacks like spear phishing, impersonation and ransomware.

Organizations in the U.S. receive on average 1.5 times more spear phishing and impersonation attacks than the global average.

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