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Why Cloud Technologies Hold The Key To Better ESG Reporting For Financial Planning And Analysis (FP&A) Teams
Enterprise Times, November 16th, 2022
November 16, 2022,
Volume 296, Issue 3

Corporate disclosures around environment, social, and governance (ESG) factors are becoming increasingly important as organisations seek to ensure that public perceptions of a brand align with an organisation's values.

In part, this is driven by consumer demand for more ethical business. Yet there is also the increasing link between ESG performance and financial investment.

As ESG reporting grows in importance, there are multiple regulatory mandates which surround it. In the EU, for instance, the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) requires large companies to disclose information on exactly how they manage their social and environmental challenges. Meanwhile, in the US, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has published proposed rules that would require public companies to disclose extensive climate-related information in their filings.

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