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IT - CxO Podcasts

This episode of CXOTalk explores business transformation from the perspective of Seagate's Chief Information Officer, Ravi Naik.

He has a unique perspective on cloud technology because he is also Executive Vice President of the company's multicloud product offering.

The conversation includes these topics:

  • On the CIO and IT strategy at Seagate
  • What is multi-cloud?
  • Why is multicloud important to enterprise cloud adoption?
  • On cloud vendor lock-in in the public cloud
  • On managing the dual roles of CIO and EVP of cloud services
  • How can CIOs overcome challenges to being business leaders?
  • On customer experience and the Chief Information Officer
  • How can cloud providers improve customer experience?
  • How do multicloud environments create business value?
  • How can CIOs be effective driving digital transformation?


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