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We're excited to announce a new feature in Red Hat Insights Advisor to make life easier for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) system administrators.

It's called pathways, and it's a group of configuration recommendations combined into common remediation actions to simplify getting your systems updated with as few steps as possible.

What are Insights Advisor pathways?

In short, an Insights Advisor pathway is an aggregation of multiple Advisor recommendations into an individual set of guidance, centered around a common theme and remediation steps

Friday Five - September 16, 2022
Red Hat News, September 16th, 2022
The Friday Five is a weekly Red Hat blog post with 5 of the week's top news items and ideas from or about Red Hat and the technology industry. Consider it your weekly digest of things that caught our eye.

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As organizations adopt container-based ecosystems, the approach to continuous IT security and compliance must shift from traditional system security assessments to new methodologies that account for how cloud-based technologies operate

Containers enable agnosticism amongst cloud computing operating environments by packaging applications, or workloads, within a virtualized environment. The application, or workload, is then operating independently of its hosted environment all while inheriting the security benefits of that hosted environment. Container technologies implement the concept of immutability, as in a stateless entity or image that is deployed but not changed.

The Innovative Optical and Wireless Network (IOWN) Global Forum is developing next generation data-centric infrastructure over all photonics networks (APN), to help realize attractive use cases for AI Integrated Communications(AIC) and Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS).

IOWN Global Forum's approach will have a strong influence on telecom, media and entertainment and other industries in the green transformation era.

This summer, IOWN Global Forum released four initial proof-of-concept(PoC) reference documents that Red Hat, together with NTT and other members, has contributed to.

For many, writing a computer program isn't that hard-it simply requires a certain amount of structural and logical thinking and a clear understanding of the syntax of the language you are using.

Developing software with a greater security posture adds an extra layer of complexity to this process, however, something which not all developers understand or are able to achieve. Open source can help. Open source developers, security researchers and auditors can see your code, spot potential flaws and perhaps even help you make fixes.

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