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Founders, take note: Just having a great product or service to offer is not enough to make a sales team successful. You need to know exactly who is willing to pay for that product or service and the best ways to reach them.

This is especially true for startups, where you may have a brand new product or service that is just getting established and lack the resources to waste on leads that go nowhere. I've been the founder and president of the Growthink family of companies since 1999. In this article, I'll explain how startup companies can identify their target market and sell to them effectively.

3 Cost Trends In Cloud Computing Today
VentureBeat, September 12th, 2022
Application modernization efforts that support the aggressive rollout of digital strategies have paved the way for accelerated cloud adoption

This has resulted in enterprises spending a higher percentage of their IT budgets in the cloud. To scale the cost of doing business in the cloud effectively, enterprises need to understand the underlying reasons their costs are increasing.

A study by Andreessen Horowitz found enterprises are typically spending 20% more on public-cloud infrastructure than expected.

More than 65% of B2B organizations rank sales productivity as a top challenge.

Yet, today, GTM teams are expected to do more with less - meaning it's harder than ever to build a quality pipeline.

To overcome today's biggest sales challenges, sales teams need to put their numbers and processes under the microscope.

Join Kate Mattos (Sr. Director of Sales at Drift), Aaron Owens (Head of Revenue Operations Strategy at Intelligent Demand), Heidi Darling (CMO at ROI.DNA), and Owen Brewer (Revenue Architect at Winning by Design) for a conversation around the science of selling and how to improve sales efficiency and effectiveness.

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