Digital Transformation (Dec. 12th)
IT - Encryption

Organizations are struggling to keep up with ever-expanding cloud attack surfaces and increasing multicloud complexity, according to Orca Security research.

While most organizations list cloud security as one of their top IT priorities, they continue to ignore basic security hygiene when it comes to data in the cloud, according to Orca's latest public cloud security report. The report revealed that 36% of organizations have unencrypted sensitive data such as company secrets and personally identifiable information in their cloud assets.

Who Are NIST's Post-Quantum Algorithm Winners?
Security Boulevard, September 12th, 2022
n many ways this is good news, because stable quantum computing will introduce exciting technological possibilities.

Quantum computing's greater ability to solve complex problems promises potential breakthroughs in fields like artificial intelligence, financial modeling, and many others. However, there's also a very significant and dangerous downside: quantum computers will be able to crack the existing cryptographic schemes protecting nearly all of the world's digital operations.

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