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The Future Of The Web Will Need A Different Sort Of Software Developer
ZDNet, September 14th, 2022
September 14, 2022,
Volume 294, Issue 2

Web3, ambient computing and the Metaverse all sound exciting, but they will be matched by changes to what developers do, too.

Many people ridiculed the idea of a World Wide Web back in the early days of its evolution, with naysayers firmly believing that it was no more than a geeky fad. Almost 30 years on, it's impossible to imagine an existence without it.

Equally hard to imagine is where the internet is headed next, although there are already a few clues. What is certain is that while there is a lot of noise about the hottest programming languages and the evolution of Web3, blockchain and the metaverse, none of this will matter if the industry doesn't have highly skilled software developers to build them.

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