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DevOps World 2022: DevOps Is Not Just CI/CD
DevOps.com, September 15th, 2022
There was a time when pundits said that DevOps was the symptom and CI/CD the cure. While that may or may not be true, there is no denying that CI/CD is the very heart of DevOps.

While that might still be true, DevOps today is so much more than CI/CD; it has evolved, far beyond just its core of CI/CD.

In my preparations for the upcoming DevOps World 2022, held in Orlando, Florida, September 27 to 29, I've been briefed on upcoming product announcements by the CloudBees product team. I find it fascinating to see where the CloudBees product line is going. In many ways, CloudBees product evolution mirrors the evolution of DevOps itself.

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