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2022 could be a turning point for pairing edge computing and 5G in the enterprise. Let's examine trends to watch.

2022 could be a turning point for pairing edge computing and 5G in the enterprise. Let's examine trends to watch.

The distributed, granular nature of edge computing - where an 'edge device' could mean anything from an iPhone to a hyper-specialized IoT sensor on an oil rig in the middle of an ocean - is reflected in the variety of its enterprise use cases.

The last thing you need in times of economic gloom is a cloud environment that costs more money than it should. That's why now's a great moment for businesses to step back and assess their cloud spending, then determine how they can steel it against the recession that may be on the horizon.

The first step toward recession-proofing your cloud is to understand how companies commonly waste money in the cloud. The top threats to cost-effective cloud computing include:

  • Oversizing resources
  • Lack of cost optimization
  • Untracked resources
  • Redundant resources
  • Using the wrong type of cloud service

Best Practices for Controlling Cloud Costs...

5 Ways To Improve Your Cloud Security Posture
SearchSecurity, September 14th, 2022
With more applications deployed to multiple clouds, organizations must shore up their security posture, and cloud security posture management is designed to help. Find out why.

Organizations are increasingly moving applications to the cloud to better serve their customers, partners and employees. The ability to quickly deploy applications to the cloud so employees, partners and customers can connect to companies for business transactions and services gives organizations a competitive advantage.

While cloud computing and its many forms (private, public, hybrid cloud or multi-cloud environments) have become ubiquitous with innovation and growth over the past decade, cybercriminals have closely watched the migration and introduced innovations of their own to exploit the platforms.

Most of these exploits are based on poor configurations and human error. New IBM Security X-Force data reveals that many cloud-adopting businesses are falling behind on basic security best practices, introducing more risk to their organizations.

Your Organization Has Cloud Sprawl
Security Boulevard, September 15th, 2022
As your organization grows, so does your reliance on cloud services. But with that growth comes the risk of cloud sprawl - when too many cloud services are added without proper planning and oversight, leading to security and compliance risks. How do you know if your cloud is in danger?

And how can you address the problem before it becomes unmanageable?

Business growth is usually an excellent indicator of success. The accompanying cloud growth often fulfills business needs to result in positive outcomes; however, the unstoppable forces of an ephemeral cloud and agile development are driving momentous changes in how enterprises secure applications. These shifts have many implications, among them is cloud sprawl. In fact, according to research by the Cloud Security Alliance, cloud sprawl is one of the top security threats organizations face today.

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