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Apex Data Storage Services Introduces New Management Options
Dell Tecnologies News, September 13th, 2022
Control your transition to Storage as-a-Service with Dell APEX.

If the explosion of cloud services has taught us anything, it's that elastic scale, OpEx consumption models and agile deployments are critical aspects of a successful IT strategy. When there's a need to scale while managing unpredictable or bursty workloads, delivering resources as-a-service makes more sense than trying to manage them individually. The additional need for more control and security that cannot necessarily be offered by public cloud has led to the rise of on-premises as-a-service infrastructure solutions.

Computing On The Edge - NEBS Overview
Dell Tecnologies News, September 14th, 2022
Explore the design and testing efforts required for an equipment vendor to certify that a telecom product is NEBS Compliant.

NEBS, or the Network Equipment-Build System, was initially developed by Bell Labs in the 1970s, for North American markets, with the intent of creating a common set of performance and safety specifications for their equipment vendors. Today, these specs have been widely adopted throughout the telecom industry and drive the designs of telecom-focused equipment.

Dell Student TechCrew expands to more than130 schools across the U.S. and Australia for the 2022-2023 academic year

As the new school year kicks off, Dell Technologies announces its interactive, skills-focused Student TechCrew program has expanded across the U.S. and Australia - a ten-fold increase since launching the pilot in 2019. The trajectory of the program underscores Dell's commitment to empowering all students with skills, resources and technology to build a diverse talent pipeline for the future workforce.

Dell Student TechCrew provides hands-on training and self-paced learning opportunities within schools, equipping students, ages 13 to 18, with technology skills and future career opportunities.

New offerings include on-premises solutions and co-engineering a hybrid cloud solution with Red Hat OpenShift

Dell Technologies ( NYSE: DELL) is expanding its long-standing strategic relationship with Red Hat to offer new solutions that simplify deploying and managing on-premises, containerized infrastructure in multicloud environments.

Gartner predicts that 90% of global organizations will run containerized applications in production by 2027.1 However, as adoption has grown, so have the challenges associated with deploying and managing container deployments across organizations and finding IT staff with container skills. Combined Dell and Red Hat solutions will help organizations speed development and operations (DevOps) of cloud-native applications while removing IT management barriers.

Salesforce Selects Dell Technologies To Fuel Global Expansion
Dell Tecnologies News, September 12th, 2022
Salesforce uses multicloud approach with Dell Technologies to power rapid business growth

Salesforce signed a significant multi-year agreement with Dell Technologies to create a centralized infrastructure to support global growth across more than 60 data centers, 230 countries and hundreds of thousands of customers.

Salesforce continues to see significant growth and looks to extend its business from approximately $26.5 billion in FY22 to approximately $31 billion for FY23. To further substantiate its leadership, Salesforce is working with Dell to provide a pivotal on-premises platform that extends Salesforce's ability to control and manage workloads and data where it makes most sense across its own data centers and public cloud partners.

Unleashing Partner Opportunity With Apex Enhancements
Dell Tecnologies News, September 13th, 2022
APEX updates for partners enable greater customization and flexibility, while geo-expansion, training and resources open new doors.

In today's connected world, customers need more choice and predictability in how they consume and manage their data. As we see increasing demand for consumption-based solutions, we are empowering our diverse partner ecosystem to help customers execute today while elevating for tomorrow. It's all about choice, flexibility and growth, and we're taking another big step to advance all three by enabling partners to deliver solutions in whatever capacity makes sense for them and the customers they support.

Voices From The Front: Right-Sizing IT For Your Business
Dell Tecnologies News, September 15th, 2022
A flexible approach to capacity planning with APEX Flex on Demand - a conversation from Dell Technologies World.

Let's talk about air conditioning. It's late summer and most days, my AC unit is blasting as I try and stay cool. As I turn my unit on and off as needed, my power company charges me for how much electricity I have used at the end of the month.

Instead, imagine if I had to pre-buy my AC for the coming month. If a heatwave rolled through and I undershot my predictions, I would be sweltering. Or if a cold front showed up, I'd have wasted money while my AC unit was sitting idle. What an awful process.

Winning With Automation: Modern Storage Experience
Dell Tecnologies News, September 15th, 2022
Data storage automation will drive productivity, accelerate outcomes with advanced analytics and create new opportunities for Enterprises.

The word automation was first coined in the 1940s to describe the increased reliance on automatic processes in the automobile and manufacturing sectors. Since then, our understanding of machines has evolved by leaps and bounds, and today, these self-governing systems work alongside us to augment human capabilities and creativity.

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