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As much as we'd love to write an article on how Cisco IT has perfected a network that never breaks, we're not there yet.

It's a fact of life that networks and systems do - and will continue to - break. In fact, my home ISP went down as I was writing this piece.

You may be thinking, 'networks breaking is nothing new' - and that is true. However, the new complexities introduced by hybrid work means networks now break in exciting new ways. With the rise of hybrid work, Cisco IT has run into a unique circular dependency issue, which happens when a network outage prevents network operators from accessing the network they need to repair and troubleshoot. Specifically, if our VPN goes down, how do we access the network to troubleshoot and triage the VPN issue? How do we get into our out-of-band network in this situation?

This year's NFL season kicked-off at the same place where the previous season ended, returning to SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles on a Thursday night.

And it was powered by a single, converged Cisco network, just as it was seven months ago for Super Bowl LVI. The performance of Cisco's converged network on the world's biggest stage back in February was truly mind-blowing. My blog from the Super Bowl detailed the astronomical amounts of data that were processed that day in February, redefining the standard for what it means to operate efficiently and securely.

How often do we prefer to avoid a detour to reach our home, office, restaurant, or subway station? The answer is - every time!

We do not have the time for detours and delays in life as it affects our productivity and schedule. Similarly, business networks also need non-stop connectivity for greater performance and scalability.

As enterprises continue to grow and expand, they need a network that scales at the speed of their business. New business models drive the need for a network design that ensures seamless connectivity and greater application performance.

At Cisco we've been relentlessly focusing on how to simplify IT - making it easier to manage, deploy, secure, and easier to buy.

This effort to simplify doesn't just cover large enterprise networks - we're happy to do the same for small business as well. We've purposely engineered the Cisco Business portfolio of network switches and wireless access points to give you a secure and rock-solid network foundation but with affordable value pricing and without monthly subscription costs.

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