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Expert Guide To Microsoft 365 Email Threat Protection
Security Boulevard, July 27th, 2022
January 1, 1970,
Volume 292, Issue 4

With the demands of the modern workforce, there's been an increased use of native cloud email protection, like Microsoft 365, in the last 12 months.

This has led many security professionals to ask if Microsoft 365 Defender can provide enough threat coverage to protect their organization. They wonder if they need advanced detection such as computer vision machine learning against phishing threats and other highly targeted threats, and what tools are required beyond Microsoft Defender to keep users safe?

Why You Need Advanced Phishing Detection to Protect Email Users

Email is an important communication channel for professional and personal use. With our world being a remote work-from-anywhere on any device workforce, people use the same devices for personal and professional use. At the same time, email threats have become advanced, and signature-based detection struggles to stop these threats from today's cyber criminals. Microsoft's built-in security can detect and stop known threats. It struggles with zero-hour threats, spear-phishing, threats from trusted services, ransomware, and other complex phishing attacks.

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