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Enterprise Architecture Tool Strategy
Architecture&Governance, July 25th, 2022
For many organizations, enterprise architecture information spread across the organization and there exists novv central access to these artifacts

Many Business Units and application owners adopt their own tools to manage the architecture artifacts in silos. These tools cannot effectively manage frameworks, document current architectures, develop future scenarios and manage initiatives towards achieving organization goals.

Main concerns of CIO's of the Organizations are,

  • Information 'All over the place'
  • Portfolio Redundancy
  • Poor data quality
  • Poor Business IT Alignment
  • Multiple stakeholders across Organization
  • Transform the Operating Model
  • Business Strategy Challenges
  • Business and Technology Risks

Usage of Enterprise Architecture tool mitigates all the above concerns. Enterprise architecture (EA) tools are software applications designed to support enterprise architects and other business and IT stakeholders with strategically driven planning, analysis, design and execution.

How to Secure APIs - 10 Best Practices to Follow
Security Boulevard, July 25th, 2022
APIs (application programming interfaces) are a foundation for modern software development.

They simplify the development process by providing a wealth of functionality and interoperability for programmers to use as they build their products. They save time and resources by eliminating the need to develop existing functions from scratch.

However, over the years, malicious actors have found many ways to access and steal data from websites, servers, and other infrastructure through APIs. An incorrectly implemented, misconfigured, or forgotten API endpoint (see Zombie/Rogue APIs) can leave your entire infrastructure vulnerable to cyberattacks. Many APIs manage sensitive data, including personally identifiable information (PII) and intellectual property (IP) information, which can make them especially lucrative targets for attackers.

Rather than punt database design decisions to a cloud service or third-party provider, understand what you want to achieve and how best to deliver on that goal.

Software developers today have more options open to them. They have tools and services that can help them build new applications quickly, then launch those services to customers globally, and then scale them up to meet growing demand. Microservices architectures and agile development put the emphasis on moving faster and spinning up new services whenever customer needs and business needs have to be met.

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