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Practical considerations may determine how to network cameras together, depending on their physical location.

Many local government IT managers are using cloud-first strategies to migrate applications and data centers to the cloud. However, as IT managers gain experience with the cloud, the strategy is shifting. Agencies are now talking cloud-smart instead of cloud-first, and local government IT teams are finding use cases - especially in smart cities - where moving everything to a cloud data center isn't necessarily the best solution.

5 Top Cloud Networking Trends In 2022
Datamation, July 25th, 2022
When you think about it, the cloud is really all about networking. A large repository of data or compute power exists in some nebulous location or other.

To be of value, it must serve up data or processing resources rapidly. Otherwise, why bother? No one would pay for the cloud if it ended up being much slower than having the same services available internally.

Here are the some of the top trends in cloud networking for 2022:

Cloud Networking's Big Challenge

Enterprises today are evaluating how to develop applications that leverage IoT, mobile connectivity and artificial intelligence (AI) at scale. According to most surveys, they plan to deploy such applications in the next five years. But at the same time, they admit that if they could demonstrate the ability to ship more products at lower cost with higher reliability, they would develop and deploy such applications much sooner. The performance of cloud networking stands in the way.

Edge computing is a distributed computing framework that brings enterprise applications closer to data sources These sources include local edge servers and IoT devices.

Edge computing companies enable distributed computing throughout a network, including to the very edge. The best edge computing companies also allow users to harness comprehensive data analysis, with many possible applications like IoT, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cybersecurity, and remote workforce support. Here are the top 10 Edge computing infrastructure management solution providers that are all major players in the growing edge computing market in 2022

With the exponential growth in enterprise data from a proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, cameras, sensors, and other devices, companies are increasingly turning to edge computing.

Indeed, research firm Gartner notes that 'more than 90% of enterprises start with a single unique use case for edge computing; over time, a typical enterprise will have many.'

VentureBeat spoke with David Sprinzen, VP of marketing at Vantiq about what is driving interest in edge computing, and what organizations need to do to be successful in this environment.

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