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SolarWinds released the findings of its ninth annual IT Trends Report which examines the acceleration of digital transformation efforts and its impact on IT departments.

The report found the acceleration of hybrid IT has increased network complexity for most organizations and caused several worrisome challenges for IT professionals.

Hybrid and remote work have amplified the impact of distributed and complex IT environments. Running workloads and applications across both cloud and on-premises infrastructure can be challenging, and many organizations are increasingly experiencing-and ultimately hindered by-these pain points.

Creating A Patch Management Policy: Step-By-Step Guide
SearchEnterpriseDesktop, June 14th, 2022
A comprehensive IT patch management policy is insurance against network hardware and software prone to bugs and vulnerabilities that can disrupt critical business processes.

Nothing in life is perfect, especially when it comes to software programs. Once vendors first release their software and firmware to the public, various bugs, security flaws and functional deficiencies are inevitably discovered. With the right policy and structure in place, software programs won't succumb to various performance and security issues.

Power failures and human error are key culprits of data center and infrastructure outages of late, according to the Uptime Institute.

Digital infrastructure outages have gotten more and more expensive over the course of the past several years, according to a report from the Uptime Institute. Meanwhile, the total number of major outages has remained the same-meaning that, on average, an increasingly large amount of money is getting spent on recovering from each disruption.

The proportion of individual outages resulting in losses of over $100,000 is increasing, according to the report, up to 47% of all outages in 2021 from 40% in the previous year. The institute said that, while it doesn't calculate an average overall cost per outage, overall trends are toward more costs being incurred by the average outage.

A SaaS Evaluation Checklist To Choose The Right Provider
SearchCloudComputing, June 16th, 2022
Replacing a legacy app with a SaaS alternative can be tedious. Create a checklist related to reliability, support and uptime to pick the right SaaS app and provider.

Enterprise IT managers deal with a lot of legacy software. This software often runs on hardware that's no longer supported, risking downtime and tying up money in specialist contracts. It most likely also uses a specific programming language that makes it challenging to manage and maintain -- let alone improve.

Businesses know the time and money IT teams sink into these legacy software systems, but they're often afraid to switch to a cloud-hosted alternative. No one wants to get hacked or discover they have no support available during an outage.

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