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It is relatively easy to get a group of people that creates a new database management system or new data store.

We know this because over the past five decades of computing, the rate of proliferation of tools to provide structure to data has increased, and it looks like at an increasing rate at that. Thanks in no small part to the innovation by the hyperscalers and cloud builders as well as academics who just plain like mucking around in the guts of a database to prove a point.

The Future Of Database Management Systems
Dataversity, June 16th, 2022
As the amount of data generated globally grows exponentially, data-driven businesses are increasingly turning to more innovative database management systems to store, manage, and process all that data.

This article provides an overview of database management, how it has evolved - especially during the COVID-19 pandemic - and the future of database management systems.

What Is a Database?

Before learning more about database management systems, it's essential to understand what a database is and how various kinds of databases are used.

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