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4 Cloud Application Security Best Practices
Security Boulevard, June 16th, 2022
In today's digital-first landscape, more and more organizations move their workloads to the cloud. However, many do not realize that cloud environments come with a certain set of unique security threats.

In this article, you will learn about top cloud application security threats, categorized into three main sources of threats: Attack, misconfiguration and third-party integration. You will also learn four best practices you can use to secure your cloud operations.

Top Cloud Application Security Threats

Cloud applications include vulnerabilities that on-premises applications do not. For example, built-in internet connectivity can make these applications more easily accessible to both users and attackers.

A multicloud approach can help the bottom line, says Seagate

Companies worldwide are increasingly embracing a multicloud approach to cloud storage, which could now be the key to business success according to storage firm Seagate.

The company defined firms as either 'multicloud mature' or not, with the mature firms being better at managing cloud costs and fostering innovation within the cloud.

Seagate claims these 'mature' firms have a host of competitive advantages, including beating their revenue goals by nearly twice as much as their less mature counterparts.

Multi-cloud solutions are great opportunities for IT organizations to drive value - but they must be setup and managed closely to deliver speed, flexibility, cost, and operational efficiency.

If you recently integrated cloud technologies into your IT environment, chances are your team spent many months working behind the scenes, diligently setting up the implementation to generate quick gains for the business. They likely scoped out projects that can benefit from the newfound agility and migrated some early or pilot workloads.

Is your work done? No, not by a longshot; the work just really started!

Now that you've created a hybrid IT environment, your next task is delivering on the desired results and business outcomes. While cloud providers can lighten the load by taking care of some functions, IT teams still have to pay a lot of on-going attention to managing their hybrid environment.

The editors at Solutions Review have highlighted the updates found in the 2022 edition of Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Oracle Cloud Application Services, Worldwide.

Analyst house Gartner Inc. recently released the 2022 version of its Gartner Magic Quadrant for Oracle Cloud Application Services, Worldwide. According to Gartner, Oracle Cloud Application (OCA) services encompass consultancy, migration, ongoing services, implementation, post-implementation evolution, and optimization services for Oracle's various applications. The 2022 iteration is not available yet, but you can find last year's version here.

The vendors listed in Gartner's report all had to have an 'anchoring' OCA product correlated with at least one of the solutions named in Oracle's Cloud Excellence Implementer (CEI) Program. The most common services offered by the partners listed in Oracle's CEI program focus on advertising and customer experience (ACX), human capital management (HCM), industry applications (IA), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and supply chain management (SCM).

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