HMG: Accelerate Time to Value with a Modern Data Integration Approach (May 25th)
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Advanced software streamlines workflows for an enhanced digital workplace experience

  • Intelligent document capture helps extract and digitize scanned information
  • Desktop shortcuts and customized profiles streamline document classification, editing and filing
  • Enhanced security helps prevent malicious threats

HP announced its new HP ScanJet Pro and Enterprise devices with HP's most advanced and sophisticated workflow scanner software. The HP ScanJet series includes four new modern and secure devices that make scanning a simple and integrated part of the digital workplace experience. As workers come back into re-imagined workspaces designed for collaboration, the HP ScanJet series allows companies to bring a perfectly compact, intelligent device into the office space where work happens.

Every company has roles that are critical to the business' success. These are typically customer-facing jobs that handle sensitive information or manage real-time operations.

The technology these people rely on requires higher standards for security, robustness, and performance. If these tools fail, the consequences can be dire: revenue is immediately lost, sensitive data may be exposed, or in the case of public safety such as emergency dispatch or healthcare, people's safety may be at stake.

Companies are virtualizing applications and desktops to provide enhanced security, resilience, and uninterrupted productivity for mission critical work, especially in hybrid work environments. Eighty-five percent of organizations will embrace a cloud-first strategy by 2025 and they will not be able to fully execute on their digital strategies without the use of cloud-native technologies.

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