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Everyone's email inbox is consistently receiving emails, especially marketing emails.

These emails typically are spread throughout the day with some being received at odd hours of the day, such as early in the morning or late at night. But, have you ever noticed receiving multiple marketing emails at the same time? Have you ever noticed your inbox pinging multiple times in a row or your phone notifications going off one after the other? Well, there is an explanation: email timing. Through various email testing methods, data analysis sessions and previous experiences, organizations can narrow down the best time to send a marketing email.

5 Technology Trends Every B2B Marketer Should Be Aware Of
Business 2 Community, January 3rd, 2022
Enter 2022 and we will have B2B marketers witnessing a range of technology trends. The overarching principle driving these changes is that the customer demands a lot more.

The growing competition and race for profitability amidst the pandemic have put the customer in the driving seat. The old paradigm of leading the customer is gradually being phased out, favoring a new one - follow the customers and cater to their requirements.

As technology changes the B2B marketing strategies, marketers' teams must remain on top of industry developments. As a B2B marketer, you may have difficulty deciding where to invest your time and resources with a constant stream of new technology and execution techniques.

This is why we are covering five technology trends that you should be aware of in 2022. Getting hold of any or all of these would mean staying relevant and on top of the growing competition.

The emergence of revenue operations (RevOps) into the field of business may leave you wondering about its relationship to its well-known counterparts, marketing operations and sales operations (SalesOps)

How do we define these three operational methodologies, how do they differentiate and work together to serve a business, and-perhaps most importantly-what does that mean for the future of business?

What Is Revenue Operations?

Although it's a newer term, RevOps is actually quite simple at its core. RevOps is the exemplification of true inbound marketing: It's about aligning a business's system, tools, and processes to revolve around customers and the customer experience.

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