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Average Size Of Hyperscale Datacentres Is On The Rise
ComputerWeekly, November 17th, 2021
Latest data from IT market watcher Synergy Research Group highlights how the number and size of hyperscale datacentres around the world is on the up

"The average size of a hyperscale datacentre is on the rise, with data from Synergy Research Group suggesting that the capacity of these supersize server farms has doubled in less than four years.

In addition to the market watcher's regular reports on how many hyperscale datacentres there are in operation globally, Synergy has now begun tracking the compute capacity contained within these facilities..."

Best Practices For Data Center Risk Assessment
SearchDataCenter, November 19th, 2021
Data centers contain risks such as height, environmental and electrical hazards. Keep your staff safe by assessing the level of risk and creating a comprehensive safety plan

"High-powered electrical systems that support servers, storage and the facility's environment can present a variety of risks to data center staff. Ensuring employees' physical safety should be the primary goal in any data center. Understanding how to assess and mitigate risk can help both data center owners and data center staff stay safe now and in the future.

Data centers house a range of sophisticated, high-powered electrical and mechanical systems that pose a significant risk of physical harm to staff and the building if not properly managed. Excellent data center safety means prioritizing staff safety and the proper management of hazardous equipment above all else..."

Server performance monitoring is the process of overseeing system resources, such as CPU usage, memory consumption, storage capacity, I/O performance, network uptime, and more

It helps identify performance-related issues of a server, such as response time, resource utilization, and application downtime. Further, it supports capacity and efficiency planning by helping administrators understand system resource consumption on the server.

  • What Is Server Monitoring?
  • Metrics for Monitoring Server Performance
  • Best Practices for Server Performance Monitoring
  • Why Is Server Monitoring Important?

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