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4 Trends Spurring The Evolution Of Network Hardware
SearchNetworking, November 18th, 2021
Major trends in network hardware highlight enterprise interest in vendor-agnostic options and open models. But legacy designs could stand in the way of adoption.

For years, vendors have dictated innovations in networking. They developed and manufactured their own chips, appliances and network designs, and enterprises consumed what they produced.

Because of this traditional vendor-driven process, many enterprises got stuck with networks that were difficult to adapt and modernize, said Dinesh Dutt, engineer, book author and co-founder of Stardust Systems, a network observability company with a focus on open source software.

Recent networking innovations have battled the vendor-heavy model, pushing for open networking and scalability. While most of the prevalent developments have emerged in software, Dutt said the industry is also seeing an evolution in network hardware.

IDC's 'MarketScape: Worldwide SD-WAN Infrastructure 2021 Vendor Assessment' looks at the capabilities and evaluates the core features offered by 12 SD-WAN infrastructure vendors.

Cisco, Fortinet, HPE-Aruba, and VMware lead the evolving and highly-competitive software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN) market according to a new report from IDC.

'MarketScape: Worldwide SD-WAN Infrastructure 2021 Vendor Assessment' looks at the capabilities of 12 SD-WAN infrastructure vendors evaluating then on a core set of SD-WAN features such as WAN routing, WAN link management, application-based policy controls, and application steering and prioritization.

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