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To enable the $9 billion industrial gas provider to deliver new 'mega projects,' CIO Brian Galovich has put self-service at the center of the target architecture, moved infrastructure to the cloud, digitized key business processes, and updated the IT operating model

"I recently caught up with Galovich to learn about the business transformation underway at Air Products, how the IT organization is changing to help drive that transformation, lessons he's learned along the way, and more. Following is an edited version of that conversation...

Brian Galovich: When Seifi Ghasemi became Air Products' Chairman, President and CEO seven years ago, he began to divest the chemicals business and focus on the core business of industrial gases..."

Since IT organizations typically lead in the move to Agile, what do CIOs think about this methodology? And where are they in the adoption? A recent CIOChat event addressed this topic.

"In a recent Harvard Business Review, K. Gardner and Alia Crocker wrote that 'for Agile to work, leaders need to pick the right people.' Otherwise, organizations will 'not only fail to meet their goals but also cause disruption within an organization.

A poorly managed initiative can miss critical deadlines, slow product development, and lead to staff burnout, the loss of key talent, and infighting among teams.' Since IT organizations typically lead in the move to Agile, what do CIOs think about this methodology? And where are they in the adoption? A recent CIOChat event addressed this topic..."

How CISOs Escape The Cost Center Trap
CSO Online, November 18th, 2021
Even as the CISO role is becoming more business-focused, in many organizations the notion of security as purely a cost center persists. Here's how savvy CISOs can turn that around

"The increasing number and sophistication of cyberattacks have companies boosting their cybersecurity budgets-again-in the upcoming year.

PwC's Global Digital Trust Insights Survey found that 69% of organizations expect to boost cyber spending in 2022; 26% will see their security budget up by 10% or more..."

The Gartner Hype Cycle is a visual representation of the maturity and adoption of emerging technologies

"Gartner has used it since 1995 to help clients understand how new developments in IT affect their business.

The cycle includes five phases: Innovation Trigger, Peak of Inflated Expectations, Trough of Disillusionment, Slope of Enlightenment, and Plateau of Productivity. Companies need to know where they are on this curve as it will offer insight into what opportunities exist now and what challenges may arise if they wait too long before implementing changes.

Below are six emerging technologies from the current hype cycle..."

ServiceNow's Yoav Boaz defines evolutionary vs. revolutionary approaches to business modeling and proposes a step-by-step digital transformation roadmap for businesses to follow

"A perfect storm of the COVID-19 pandemic, heightened customer demand, supply chain disruptions and corporate survival concerns has accelerated digital transformation plans and subsequent investments in advanced technologies. New business models are being hatched because old business models no longer work.

"After the events of last year, nearly every company had to become a tech company to survive. The pressure is still on," wrote advisory and consulting service BDO in its 2021 Technology Digital Transformation Survey, which reported that 92% of technology companies are in the throes of formulating a digital transformation journey. "Critical industries and processes are counting on tech companies not only for resilience but for growth."

What is a CISO as a service (CISOaaS)?

"A CISO as a service (CISOaaS) is the outsourcing of CISO (chief information security officer) and information security leadership responsibilities to a third-party provider. By hiring a third-party provider to manage its security program remotely, an organization gains access to staff and resources that it doesn't have in house, allowing it to better keep up with information security and compliance demands.

CISOaaS is often paid for on a subscription or per-use basis, like many XaaS models. Also like many XaaS models, CISOaaS offerings may be entirely remote, or may be a hybrid model in which the provider's experts work with an organization's existing security team both remotely and onsite..."

The CIO is critical for ensuring strong cybersecurity within the organization. Learn why the CIO's role inherently makes that difficult, and how to overcome obstacles.

"These are trying times for IT professionals. With such a reliance on technology combined with so many people now working remotely, the organization's security hangs in the balance like never before.

There's not only pressure to perform but to get security right every time. Ensuring good network and system security is tricky enough for technical staff. When overall business resilience falls under your domain as the CIO, it's even more to take on and can seem insurmountable..."

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